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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Muskegon Students Head to Grand Rapids For MiCareerQuest

It's been amazing to watch the educational system unfold over time.  When I was in was a daily beating over the head of "go to college and get a degree".  Not that that is bad advise in any way shape or form....but you know...I wasn't much of a traditional student.  I was the dreamer....I was the distracted one....I was the one who was looking for the spotlight not the way to do long division.  Which, by the way....I have yet to use long division in daily life.

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Today, and maybe it's no fluke...society is faced with some pretty big holes that need to be filled.  Mike Rowe of "Dirty Work" fame has made a life out of the crusade for people to get involved with skilled trades.  The kind of jobs that don't necessarily come with all the glory, but they do come with steady pay checks...they offer a lifetime of work if people are willing to make it happen and the jobs they do, well....let's be honest about it...imagine life without properly working electricity....working plumbing...a roof over your head....see the big picture?  Skilled trades are essential.

1341 9th graders form Muskegon took the drive over to Grand Rapids April 13th to participate in the MiCareer Quest.  An event designed to expose young people to those skilled trade jobs and jobs that to require a degree.  The idea being to show young people just how many options are out there for them to consider as they work their way through high school and then on to college or the working world if they so choose.  I was invited by the Muskegon Career Tech Center to come and see the event first hands and talk to a couple students about their experience at the expo.  Take a listen to our chat from DeVos Place below!

9th graders still have some time to think about it.  When I was in the 9th grade....I was pretty sure I was going to be the next big thing in professional wrestling, that didn't really work out so good.  What I do love is the fact that kids get to see such a broad spectrum of opportunity for them.  It's high time we work toward aptitude compared to expectations.  Great jobs are out there and the future holds great rewards for those who are willing to do them!

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