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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Bill Saylor Memorial Golf Outing to Benefit Human Trafficking June 16th at Chase Hammond

It's kind of a sad reality that something called Positively Muskegon even has to acknowledge human trafficking, but by the end of the story today, you will see that like anything else we face in Muskegon, it's a challenge being met head on by many good people from every angle they can find.  We'll get to the positives in a few, but let's take a second to learn a little more about the issue.

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Human trafficking is simply a polite way of saying slavery.  In most cases, it starts off with a friend or family member and someone who might be looking for something missing in their lives, and sadly...that missing element is often love.  At first, it's like any other entrapment.  "I'll be there for you" "You know I want to help" etc.  They are empty promises designed to gain trust and in time that trust turns into a servants role where the manipulator is often using their victim to make a profit from sex.  Sure, there are the extremes like you seen in the movies where someone is kidnapped or drugged, but more often than not it's a gradual process and it's brought on by someone who is close to the victim.  It makes me sick to be honest with you.

Yep, we have it going on right here in Muskegon.  It's a problem being taken on by area law enforcement as well as the Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force.  The Lakshore Human Trafficking Task Force is out to provide a comprehensive community based response to human trafficking along the lakeshore.  The goals?  To educate, prevent, respond, intervene connect restore and support the survivors of human trafficking.  They are also tied into a statewide network connecting like agencies all across Michigan.

Muskegon County Sheriff on Facebook
The Muskegon County Sheriff's office is taking a very active and very supportive role with the Lakeshore Human Trafficking Task Force.  They are training their officers in how to recognize this issue when they encounter it.  They are getting very tough on those who perpetuate it and they have designated their annual Bill Salyor Memorial Golf outing June 16th to help fund the work going on to put an end to this awful blight on society.

I met up with Sheriff Michael Poulin and Sara Johnson at Mike's office to talk a little more about this growing problem and how you can help by getting a team together for the golf outing coming up June 16th.  Take a listen to our talk below.

There are so many involved with the all hands on deck approach to making Muskegon a better place to be.  It's an awful truth to have to admit that problems do exist, but it's also a great thing to see that so many have taken up arms in the fight against human trafficking.  I'd like to make a personal plea.  If this is happening to you, get out of it.  Report the abuse, find a safe place and let the law deal with these modern day slave traders.  Ask for help, don't be ashamed and realize that you are precious and you'll find the resources you need to save yourself.

If you'd like to go directly to the registration page for the golf outing, click on the logo below.  My many things to the Sheriff and Sara for addressing a problem and letting people know that there's help.

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