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Monday, April 17, 2017

Kids Belong of Muskegon Helping Foster and Adoptive Kids and Families - Learn More May 6th at Norton Pines

One of the things we've always worked toward on the blog is the well being of kids in our community.  We've all heard the line that "Children are the future", and we all know it's true...but sometimes kids are born into a situation that's not going to provide the simplest of needs.  It's not for me to decide what's right and wrong...but there are those who intervene and help assure that kids are safe and cared for.  The kids need a place to go however.

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Kids Belong is a ministry set up in Muskegon and Northern Ottawa county for a couple different purposes.  One, it's a hub for anyone involved.  If families are fostering, or adopting a child..or children..Kids Belong is there to help with support.  The operate some different clothing closets for families who take the kids in.  The are also a very big support center for those who choose to foster or adopt.  I am a firm believer in support groups, in a situation like this...there have got to be a million different questions about the entire process.  Who better to learn from than those who have been down that road more than once.  Founded by Jeff Steele who is a pastor at Watermark church in Grand Haven Kids Belong has found it's roots and continues to grow...and with growth comes need for more.

Have you ever considered fostering?  Adopting?  It's a big commitment and one not be taken lightly.  However, the rewards are limitless.  Imagine the ability to help shape a young life by simply having them in your home.  Imagine the impact you can have for the long term of a life and a community.  If it's something you think you'd like to know a little more about, and what resources there are for you to help out..there is going to be a meeting May 6th at the Norton Pines Athletic Club.  There will be a nice dinner, some time for the kids to play on the equipment while parents get to hear exactly what being a foster is and how great the need is here in Muskegon.  I'll tell you are going to be surprised to hear just how many kids need a hand.

Jeff Steel and I caught up at the Lake Harbor United Methodist Church on Henry Street to talk about this event coming up and how parents can get involved.  Take a listen to our chat below!

I can think of no greater gift you can give.  It's a big endeavor...but the rewards....priceless.  If you think you've got a little more room in your heart and your home, I am simply asking you to go out and hear what Kids Belong has to say.  I have said it myself...and I try to apply it.  Be the change you wish to see.  If you'd like to know more about Kids Belong, click on the picture below!

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