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Sunday, February 12, 2017

No More Sidelines Invites You to the Set the Stage Gala March 18th

11 Years now, for one of the most elegant and fun events in Muskegon and one of the best organizations to pop up right here in town and grow to carry the message to any kid who's ever felt left out from being able to play sports, make friends and do all the other things "normal" kids do!  Yes, it's time for the No More Sidelines "Set the Stage" gala on March 18th!  This year...the theme is Masquerade!

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I make no bones about it, when I was first asked to learn a little more about No More Sidelines, I went in knowing nothing.  Not even sure what the name meant or why they wanted me.  I met up with Cyndi Blair and as we talked about the gala they were planning, I asked her again.. "Are you sure you want ME to come and be the emcee?"  The answer was a resounding yes and it began a chain or events in my life that changed the way I saw almost everything.  I had had a little exposure to "special needs" kids over the years, but little did I know the power they and their families posses when you take the first step past what's different and see the commonality between people just as humans.  You are taught in short order what love without conditions is all about and that kids just wan to be kids no matter how they are "labeled".  It was a truly life changing match for me.

Today, the work continues.  The original group of kids and families are in their mid 20's now.  No More Sidelines continues to evolve as a group.  What was once fun for kids, has been turned into a more encompassing group with new younger people and some more seasoned sideliners seeking more "20 something" activities.  Behind the scenes...the same level of support among the families continues to flourish and more and more people see the importance of making sure that "I want to play" is a request met with one answer... absolutely.

This year, the Set the Stage gala will be held at the home of No More Sidelines, The Folkert Community Hub on Seminole Road in Muskegon.  There's a Masquerade theme this year, so you'll have the opportunity to be a little mysterious, a little mischievous and a show a little heart for some truly remarkable kids.  Cyndi Blair is the mastermind behind all of it, I had a chance to catch up with her to learn a little more about this years event.  Take a listen.

If you're just looking for a great party, if you've got someone who's been touched by No More Sidelines or if you just need out of the house for a night, put it on your list!  The No More Sidelines gala is a great night out, for a great purpose.  To learn more about No More Sidelines click on the picture below!

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