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Monday, February 13, 2017

Dining in the Dark - Do You Dare to Eat What You Can't See at Kitchen 242 in Muskegon?

To many a foodie, the experience is so much more than just what they are eating.  There's the it familiar or a new adventure?  Then you've got the menu....going with a favorite or want to take a chance?  The sounds, smells the atmosphere and anticipation all add up to the gastric contentment experience.

But what if some of that is missing?

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Can you imagine an event happening where people get a ticket, are seated at a table and then...the lights go out.  You have no idea what's coming, you have no idea what the faces of others look like who are reacting to the fare.  You've got to sample things that may be WAY out of your comfort zone or, you might be surprised with something as simple and common as a pot pie.  You are about to experience "Dining In The Dark" at Kitchen 242 hosted by Chef Jack Page.

If you know Jack, you're among the lucky ones.  A little eccentric, an outlook on life that is usually pretty jovial and he's known for some of the best food to be found anywhere in Muskegon and surrounding areas.  If all that's not enough for you, you'll often find him too out helping at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex or maybe taking up some time on the luge there he helps keep well iced and ready to ride.

Dining in the Dark is happening this Thursday the 16th.  It's a 4 course meal and it's designed to be a taste sensation and to stimulate your sense of smell.  It's recommended you wear older clothes...which may or may not be a hint as to what's going to be on your plate!  Do you dare?

I was able to sit down with Jack to learn a little more about this fun event, take a listen to our chat below.

Here's an idea.  Skip the lines and frustration on Valentine's Day and save the date for Thursday.  You'll have a chance to meet some new people....try something other than that same hamburger you order every time you go out and you'll get to support not only Kitchen 242 but a fun and unique event to Muskegon.  You know, one cool event leads to another...and before you know'll see stuff like this all of the time!  For tickets, click on the imagine below.  Enjoy a night out Dining in the Dark.

Tickets to Dining in the Dark

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