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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black Tie For the Y at the Muskegon Country Club February 11th

The YMCA of Muskegon might no longer have the building you are accustomed to down by the lake.  If you recall the Muskegon Community College bought the property a year or so ago, but...that doesn't stop the YMCA of Muskegon for a second.  After all, the YMCA is so much more than just a place with a work out room and an indoor pool.  The YMCA is a living breathing entity in Muskegon and their work continues in so many ways!

Muskegon YMCA on Facebook
After the sale of the building, the YMCA moved it's offices over to the newly emerging 3rd Street Area of Muskegon.  You'll find them on the same block as Hamburger Mikey's and Third Coast Vinyl.  From there, all of the programs you have come to trust the Y for are run and the reach into Muskegon is still just as deep as it always has been.

The YMCA still runs programs like Safety Around Water for area 3rd graders.  They also have the HOST program that stands for Healthy Out Of School Time, an after school program that teaches healthy habits and physical activity.  Livestrong Cancer Survivor support, the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program and of course the YMCA Summer Camps that so many have been a part of over the years, including me!  More about that in the video!

I met up with Melissa Wikman who's the Associate Executive Director of the Muskegon Y today to talk about their big fundraising event coming up at the Muskegon Country Club called the "Black Tie For the Y".  It's happening on February 11th at 6.   You'll find live and silent auctions, amazing food, a cash bar and other great people who believe that building with a pool, or without one.. the YMCA does a lot of good in Muskegon!  Take a listen to our chat below!

It's the truth, the best Summer of my life was spent as a Camp Counselor at a YMCA camp.  I was very excited to be able to get in with the Muskegon Y to talk about the event coming up and even more excited to be able to maybe clear up a little confusion around the Y since their move over to 3rd Street!  They are alive and well right here in Muskegon.  If you're looking for a great time at the Black Tie Event, click on the image below to get to the ticket page!  If you'd like to know more about the Y, you can follow the link under the big Y at the top of their page!

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