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Monday, February 6, 2017

Muskegon Heights High School Rally - Eddie Sanders Shares Some Thoughts

Word came out of Lansing that Muskegon Heights High School was on a list to be shut down by the state.  The reaction in the area was immediate and unfortunately, the students, staff and families who live and work in Muskegon Heights were once again facing a world of confusion as the city itself continues to work to establish the "New Normal" as Mayor Kim Simms continues to share that message.

The question has to be however, how can a "new normal" be given a chance to take hold when from all the way across the state, someone somewhere decided that the work going on right now, isn't good enough so, let's close the school?  On top of that too, how can one small community take yet another blow like the threat of closing the school and busing the students there up to 30 miles away?  Personally, I think the community's outcry was just and that since it took a while for the Heights to come to this point, it's going to take a little time to turn things around, and that time can't be decided in some formula on a spread sheet.  In the long run too, the thought of taking away such a beacon in the community at Tiger's something no one in Muskegon wants.  The Tigers are a legendary part of this community and they are worth fighting for.

Positively Muskegon is very lucky to have Eddie Sanders Jr. on the staff.  He's a remarkable role model to a lot of people and his pride in being a Muskegon Heights Tiger is unmatched!  Like so many of us here, Eddie was there for the "glory days" and today, he's on the very front line as a champion for Muskegon Heights on all levels, especially the Tiger Pride he holds so dear.

Our neighborhoods make us who we are.  No matter the municipality, we all come together to make Muskegon what it is.  No matter the reason, we should all be willing to defend our neighborhoods and the people in them.  I for one stand with the Heights.  It's time for all of us to pull the rope in the same direction for the Heights, or Roosevelt Park, or Muskegon, or Norton get the idea!  We are stronger together and if one area of town needs a little more, it's time we give it.