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Friday, February 17, 2017

Catching Up With the Career Tech Center in Muskegon

Where, and when I grew up I suppose...when the kids all left after first hour for the "skills center", we kinda just stood there wondering why they needed to go to "that school".  No one really talked about was just that way.

Today however.... going to "that school" might be the best off.  Today's Career Tech Centers are high tech, hands on and offering unbelievable opportunity.

The Muskegon Career Tech Center is a jewel in the educational field.  I have been lucky enough to be involved with the CTC on a few different levels.  Speaking on career days, I served on the advisory committee for the Marketing program and I've been known to pop in to see my old buddy Mark Lewis and just catch up.
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It's an intense atmosphere.  The Criminal Justice kids all stand at attention when you walk in the room...the smell of the restaurant when you walk in is as inviting as any other.  You can get your car worked on there, find a graphic designer, learn agriculture and high paying in demand skilled trades!  I mean high paying jobs right from the get go!

Kids attending the CTC can earn college credit while they are there, they can find internships with local companies and get hands on knowledge of the working world.  The book learning is there as well as the "soft skills" it takes to work your way into the working world.  Amazing opportunities to be had.  I was invited by Bethanie Swier, the career development coordinator,  to come out and talk about a couple events.  They are in need of speakers for the upcoming career days (do's fun) and then they will be hosting a job fair for kids graduating this year and maybe not heading right to college.  Might even be able to place them with just the right fit and let their employer foot the bill for college.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Hey, it's like this.  These are the careers that need to be filled.  The ability to do skilled trades means a lifetime of work.  Even if you have a skilled trade and work toward a higher degree, you're still ahead with the knowledge.  The CTC in Muskegon is a premium experience when it comes to education.  Be a part of the career day or maybe come out with your students and learn a little more.  You can click on the Muskegon Made logo above and learn more!

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