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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Beat Gets a Bump! Meet Paul Billings and Big Rob from 103.7 The Beat!

Local, don't get me started.   :)
Local radio has been doing just fine over in Muskegon Heights.  Paul Billings and his staff have been THE community station for Muskegon Heights since 2002.  They play a nice selection of music, they tackle tough issues, they operate food truck giveaways, host awards shows, help kids learn the music and recording business.  They have truly built a radio station that caters to the needs of the listeners and they are an asset of the area!

Visit 103.7 The Beat Online
Recently, Paul got a hold of the 106.1 frequency that was licensed to Muskegon Public Schools and brought it back on the air!  The focus will be similar to that of The Beat.  Public safety, awareness, education and advocacy for youth and community.  They are also holding over the popular Rock and Soul music format that listeners enjoyed, and the weekends get a little more wild with EDM (electronic dance music) so, if you need a place to tune in for the party.....try 106.1.

Paul and I had a chance to sit down and talk about both stations along with Big Rob and what he sees as some of the pressing issues facing radio today and how they manage to keep on the air and keep growing.  Take a listen to the interview below.  If nothing else, hear a couple of old radio guys talking about radio things and how much more a community deserves from their local stations than they are getting.

Another example of someone not giving up.....someone who refuses to think that kids are a lost cause....someone who believes that the best days are yet to come for all of Muskegon.  I have been proud to call Paul a friend and confidant for a number of years now.  I was happy to get to share his story with you!

Check out the brand new M106-FM on the web.  You'll find the link in their logo below!!!

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