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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sophia Cerniglia Founder of Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation in Muskegon

Life throws some curve balls at ya.  In every case I have had one pitched at me, I have stood there shaking my head... for a while there I got a curve ball thrown at me, I ran and hid.  But in time, I learned that it doesn't stop them from coming and the important thing is to keep swinging!  I didn't figure that out till much later in life, but some have to figure it out much earlier.  This is the case with Sophia Cerniglia of Muskegon.

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At 6 Sophia and her family were given the diagnosis that she had Cystic Fibrosis.  CF is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine.  Long term issues include difficulty breathing, coughing up mucus as a result of frequent lung infections.  That's the Wikipedia definition, in layman's terms Cystic Fibrosis sucks and there's no known cure for it.  Sophia and her family were told that she'd probably make it 18 years old. Talk about debilitation.  How do you even walk out of a room with that kind of news?

Now, Sophia is 26 and has shown those doctors a thing or two about time limits.  She still struggles with the symptoms, but she comes from a pretty tough family tree and has decided that since she, and many others are now living well past the time they were told, that something should be done about helping other CF patients that have beaten the odds, but still find themselves trying to keep life under control while they are treated.  She found a gap and took action forming the Breathing Becomes Effortless Foundation.

BBEF is there to help others like her.  Constant treatment, down time in the hospital or at home....they all add up.  Life doesn't stop for those fighting CF.  Bills have to get paid, rent. cars...medications and more all add up.  The idea of  BBEF is to provide a resource for those who need a hand from time to time and don't really have anywhere else to turn.

Grand Opening Event on Facebook

With the foundation up and running, it's time to help get it funded!  Sophia will be hosting a fundraiser at Bella Maria's Event Center on Pontaluna in Muskegon Sunday May 21st.  You'll find a great pasta bar....I hear her dad is an exceptional cook :), you'll find plenty of entertainment, silent auction, kids and families are welcome for the whole day.

I met up with Sophia at Bella Maria's to talk about her foundation and the event.  Take a listen to out talk!

Sophia is what Positively Muskegon is all about.  Find a bump in the road...don't just drive over it...take the challenge and make a difference.  Those curve balls we talked about earlier?  Smash the out of the park and don't look back.  Sophia is putting her life experience to work to help others that share what she has and offers a light of hope for those who are in fear of their disease keeping them from living life to their fullest.  Amazing...heroic and such a great example of owning it!  If you'd like to know more about Breathing Becomes Effortless, click on the logo below!  Stop out and see Sophia in person at Bella Maria's on the 21st.  You'll find tickets at the link below as well.

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