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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Muskegon Waves Athletic Team Set to Compete in the Michigan Victory Games!

To quote the Michigan Victory Games website - "Michigan Victory Games gives athletes with physical disabilities a chance.  A chance to compete, make friends, and feel the support of a team.  To experience the thrill of victory and the possibility of defeat.  To gain the kind of values, morals and skills that only sports can provide.  To instill a belief and inspire greatness.  To experience the spirit of competition we’ve provided for over 40 years."

That says enough for me to want to know more!  May 18th-21st athletes from all over Michigan will converge on the campus of Michigan State University for the fun and fellowship of the games.  Athletes as young as 7 can compete and there is no age cap for individuals who would like to be a part of the fun.  Some of the events include bowling, swimming, boccie ball, weight lifting, table tennis, track and field and more.  Teams and individuals compete and they are serious about the games!

You'll find teams like The Kalamazoo Courage, The Grand Rapids Eagles, The Ionia Trailblazers, The Royal Oak Charging Knights and our very own team The Muskegon Waves!

Meet the Muskegon Waves - Follow On Facebook

Yes, our very own team is about to make the trek east to "do battle" and bring home the gold, sliver, bronze and anything else they can grab.  From the time they spend practicing at Wesley School to the travel and rigors of the road, The Muskegon Waves are a dominating force, but then again, what would you expect from anyone in Muskegon?

I was invited by team coach Katie Ellis to learn a little more about the games, The Muskegon Waves and how you can get involved too!  Take a listen to our chat below!

An awesome endeavor for awesome people.  To know that life without limits is becoming more and more accessible to all amazes me.  Sure, we all have limits regardless of our physical abilities, but it's the constant testing of those limits that let us know we're alive...and anyone should be able to feel that.  To know they have made an accomplishment, were part of a team and maybe even surprised themselves with what they can do...that's applicable to anyone!  Join me in cheering on the Muskegon Waves at the Michigan Victory Games.  You can learn more about the Michigan Victory Games from their website linked below!

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