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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Muskegon Winter Sports Complex Invites You to the Try-Athalon

What is a Try-Athalon?  Well, before we answer that, let's go back a little.

Everyone like watching winter sports.  Skiing, luge, skating...this thing called the Olympics is based on all of them, but...where to you try them out to see if they are up your alley?

The "Try-Athalon"!!  Get it?

This is your invite to the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex on February 5th from 10a-4p to give them all a shot!  The State Games of Michigan presented by Meijer is happening to not only get you out of the house for a while, but to get you to try a few things you may not have considered.  It's a great chance to try the luge track, some great cross country skiing and skating.  How bout a chance for the kids to try all of the aforementioned?
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Not only will you get a chance to try all the activities, you'll get some preliminary instruction and as the day progresses, you'll get a chance to compete with your new found skills!  This is an event open to all age groups ranging from kids 9 and under up to the 60+ crowd!  College teams even have a category to participate so, round up the frat house guys...and come on out!

If you're from around Muskegon, I'd hope you know all about the Winter Sports Complex..if you're not, this is your chance to come out and share one of the best spots you'll find anywhere in the state.  The natural beauty of the Lake Michigan the groomed trails and skating rink...then, the luge!  One of only four luge tracks in all of the United States!!  How do you turn down a chance to take a ride down that?

I had a chance to catch up with Mark Yastrezemski at the Winter Sports Complex to learn a little more about the goings on... take a listen to our chat below!

I'm promising you, if you've not been to the Winter Sports Complex, this is the time.  You'll have hands on training with three sports and maybe find that you've been missing out on something your whole life.  If you have been to the Winter Sports Complex in the past, come on out and test your skills, or better yet...pitch in and help someone learn a little!  Click on the logo below for more!

State Games of Michigan Online

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