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Monday, January 16, 2017

Gracies's Book Store - A Story Better Than Any Book Ever Sold

From the Mission Statement of Gracie's Bookstore -

"We are a faith based, pay it forward business here to promote literacy among all people of all ages.

100% of our books are donated.

All of our staff is volunteer, including our owner.

We donate to many organizations, like: elder care homes, men and women missions, shut ins, women's shelters, United Way, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school organizations, or basically anyone who makes a request. We have also donated to a school and library in Kenya, Africa. And many more.
We offer free books to those that may not have the financial means to purchase a book."

Gracie's Book Store in Lakeside is all of the above and more, and now, it's nominated for a pretty prestigious award in West Michigan.

Gracie's is in the running for the Pay it Forward business of the year award form Fox 17.  If you recall way back when the local television station started the Pay it Forward Challenge, some local clown named Andy O got involved and brought the first Pay it Forward honor back to Muskegon for the Group No More Sidelines.  The Pay it Forward feel has never left Fox 17.  They continue on with stories of good people doing good things for others, because, it's the right thing to do.  They also have an opportunity for business to be spotlighted in the Pay it Forward Business of the year contest.
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Cindy Thoma found herself in an unexpected place.  After an accident and subsequent 8 surgeries Cindy found herself addicted to pain killers and eventually addicted and homeless.  Addiction strikes anyone...there is no judgement on the part of drugs...prescription or not....anyone can become physically dependent and have nowhere to turn.

With books being an escape mechanism for her,  to beat the physical addiction and to combat the depression she was first a customer of the book store, then struck a deal with the owner to take the place over.  Most of her inventory is donated, and her goal is simple... "to make enough pay the rent and the bills".  It's amazing how life changes for people post addiction.  Like many...all she asks is to be able to live out their days happy, joyous and free.  Upon quick glance...I can personally see 3 or 4 of the "12 Step Promises" at work right here and right now.  It's an amazing thing to see.....

Cindy invited me down to talk a little about her nomination for the award and why she finds such joy in the ability to give others that much needed escape that is so often found on the pages between the covers of a good book.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Book nut...local shopper....value minded or maybe you just want to stop into a place that not only has what you are looking for, but a little magic that can't be explained, you should stop in to Gracie's.  We wish Cindy the very best in the contest and hope too, that the book story continues on for years to come.  Muskegon needs more places to escape...what better place than Lakeside!

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  1. Wonderful interview with a wonderful lady. Cindy deserves this honor. She is the best and Gracie's is my favorite bookstore.