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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Greater Muskegon Jaycee's Invite You to Snowfest 2017

Winter in Michigan?  Think that's going to stop us?  Not a chance!  However, with a reorganization break last year, the Greater Muskegon Jaycees are back with a vengeance when it come to making sure Downtown Muskegon is alive and vibrant even in the dead of what could be considered Winter...although, most around here seem to think that it's a pretty easy season so far!
Snowfest is happening February 3rd and 4th!!

Snowfest Facebook Page 

A great time is always a sure thing when the Jaycee's put on an event.  After all, they are a young and fun organization of people under 40 who work together to better a community and foster their leadership skills.  In Muskegon, the membership dipped a little and in 2016 Rebel Road stepped in to fill the gap with the Winter Burn Out event while the Jaycees regrouped.  They have done just that and with a few more hands on deck, the Jaycee's are ready to roll again!

Downtown Muskegon has become a canvass that can be painted anyway we like.  As the brick and mortar business re-establish down there, events like Snowfest continue to draw crowds to the city center to see the changes that have happened, and continue to happen.  The Farmers Market, Rebel Road, pub crawls, parades, First Friday's...we've got a re-emerging district.

Snowfest this year offers a number of events for the entire family and there are times too that the grown up's get to play a little.  Friday night... did you ever fancy the idea of watching "Frozen" while being frozen?  Well, maybe not frozen because there will be warming fires, but...the chill in the air will add to the fun when the family favorite is shown right on Western Avenue.  Snowmobile fan?  They are going to be racing them at Mart Dock! Michigan Sports Promotions Presents Snow X brought to you by Fox Powersports.  Want to sample some of the best bowls around town?  Area restaurants will be trying to with the Battle Of The Bowls!

Jamie Hekker of the Greater Muskegon Jaycees joined me to detail all the events and fun, take a listen to our chat below!

We're not stopping!  Muskegon is on a great course when it comes to re-defining our town!  renewed energy, renewed ideas and more importantly, a new outlook on what the possibilities can be!  If you have not checked recently....the pop up events are hanging in there while the staples continue to improve.  Slowly but surely...the idea of "what was" is being turned into "what can be" and it feels REALLY good!  Bring the family down to Snowfest for some fun and if you happen to see a Jaycee or two, say thanks for the hard work to keep Muskegon heading in the right direction!

For more on the Jaycee's, click on their logo below!

Greater Muskegon Jaycees Online

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