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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Muskegon Risers Getting Set for the 2017 Season!!

The Muskegon Risers are rolling out the carpet.....literally across the floor of the LC Walker arena and they are ready for the Arena Soccer season to begin on January 13th!!

It's not only an exciting time for the team, it's an exciting time for the communities as soccer, and the young people playing and the families who are growing the fan base by leaps and bounds!

Muskegon Risers Website

The Muskegon Rises were formed as a soccer club in 2015 adding to the great offerings locally for sports.  They have an indoor season as well as an outdoor season so fans can enjoy great soccer anytime of the year and young players can have pro's to look up to.  The Risers have been met with some pretty good success as well drawing fans from all over the Lakeshore.  In August of 2016 the Muskegon Risers were voted in unanimously to the Premiere League of America.

As the indoor season gets set to roll teams like Chicago, Cincinnati, Waza Flo, and Youngstown will be making their way to the LC Walker Arena.  The risers too will be heading out all over the place as ambassadors for Muskegon.  Having another sports team in town not only gives everyone here a chance to enjoy some gives us a reason to welcome fans in from other cities.

As the 2017 season gets set to roll, I was able to catch up with Head Coach Ben Ritsema at his "day job" in Fruitport.  Have a listen to out talk about the Risers and the upcoming season.

What an awesome endeavor to have going in Muskegon.  A great entertainment option....a team that so many young players can look up to and prices that can't be beat when it comes to a great ticket for a night out.  Soccer fan or not, make sure you head Downtown Muskegon to check out a game or two this season.  Our community depends on all of us to support these kind of events!  Take the family out to a game and you might be surprised at how much fun you'll have supporting the home team!!  Click on the schedule below to follow the Muskegon Risers on Facebook.

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