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Monday, January 30, 2017

Your Neighborhood WESCO - Friendly Convenient and Now - Nationally Award Winning!!

Your morning routine probably consists of getting out of bed....running the kids off to school and then you've got to get yourself in shape for the day ahead.  By the time all of that is're ready for a little something just for you.  Chances are, if you're in Muskegon or surrounding areas, that moment just for you comes from WESCO.

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You are greeted with a smile, the coffee is always fresh, there is plenty to choose from and should you desire a little something say baked's all fresh every day!  A couple minutes spent getting gas, coffee and anything else you need for the day combined with a friendly cashier that runs a clean store.  It's a seamless start to the day and you walk out with what you need...maybe some reward cents in the bank and the reassurance that the world isn't filled with creeps.  There are actually friendly, polite people who are glad you stopped and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.  That's a WESCO experience.

How do they maintain that cheery outlook?  What goes in to an employee that in the fast paced, high volume business of convenience stores?  So often, in other stores it's the polar opposite.  Want the truth?  WESCO invests in their employees!  So much so, WESCO has been recognized nationally as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to work for in 2016!  You read that right NATIONALLY!

The award comes from The National Association for Business Resources and companies are judged on the following -  "Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions; Employee Enrichment, Engagement and Retention; Employee Education and Development; Recruitment, Selection and Orientation; Employee Achievement and Recognition; Communication and Shared Vision; Diversity and Inclusion; Work-Life Balance; Community Initiatives; Strategic Company Performance and the Best of the Best Small Business."  Did you ever imagine that much went into your morning coffee?  I didn't!  

I heard the news, and I double timed it to the WESCO offices....right here in Muskegon and I met up with Kristina Broughton from team WESCO to talk about the award and the company's focus on it's people.  Take a listen to our chat below!

Remarkable!  Imagine the thought of a company putting their people first?  Even Katie worked her way up thorough the tuition reimbursement program!  In a day when the bottom is usually the only thing that's worried about, WESCO leads by example when it comes to making sure that those who take care of them are equally appreciated and have options for growth that extend far beyond getting a raise and bump to an earlier shift.  The next time you stop into a WESCO for that morning coffee or afternoon fountain drink...know that you are supporting a company who support their employees who in turn make your day a little brighter and our community a better place to be!

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  1. Heather Chahorski, Manager of the Apple Ave. big Wesco is great at her job. She's great about the cleanliness of her store and pitches right in with the team to keep it that way. Love you Heather and your team!

  2. Thanks to Wesco for being such a great company to their employees. It certainly pays off in the positive experience of customers.