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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Quick Look Back!

To some, it seems like a distant memory, but not so long ago there was an event called "Summer Celebration".  It was a 10 or 11 day festival in the Summer in Muskegon featuring music, a mid way, fun vendors, great food, plenty of beer, a tiki bar and more.  If nothing else, it gave us all 10 days to get together catch up with old friends and maybe make a few new ones.

Courtesy Mlive

If you've been around long enough, you might even remember a Summer Celebration years ago where Ted Nugent was scheduled to play.  Yep....that was quite a year.  If you recall, I was kicked out over what was said on the radio which was "That Sucks" and somehow got ballooned up to much more than that by the time the word reached Summer Celebration officials.  Truth be told, the whole situation sucked, but I took my lumps and stayed away from the festival as asked even though somehow the ACLU found my home phone number and said they could probably make me a small fortune if I wanted them to pursue the case.  Well, I didn't.  It was honestly the single most beneficial moment in my life and no money could have done more for me.  It was that point that i realized my alcoholism had gotten so far out of control, others were speaking for me and I had truly become a slave to the bottle.  What was a dramatic episode and media frenzy, honestly it saved my life.

Courtesy Mlive

Over time the fences were mended and I blended into the Summer Celebration festivities again with a much bigger role and s few new found friends who I flat out said thank you to for what they did and without knowing it....saved me from a certain death sentence from alcohol.  Part of me and the new fit for Summer Celebration was using the festival to show that there was "More in Muskegon".  I grabbed a video guy and we went around and told the story of a few local landmarks, because let's be honest.....we all know that we've got a LOT of awesome things here, that might get over looked by outside communities and to be honest, since we go by them day after day, we might even take for granted what we have.

We'll go back a few years and show you there is "More in Muskegon"  I guess I have been at promoting things around here longer than I thought.  If nothing else, it's something to watch on a rainy and cold fall day!

The USS Silversides

The LST 393


The Muskegon Lumberjacks

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