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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Old Newsies and Goodfellas

Why hello from the blog-o-sphere!  Hey, it's my blog I'll be as conversational as I want to.  :)

Get a look at this!

This is the "good old days" when all the guys in town got together and worked the streets for kids who would go without at Christmas time.  It didn't take a lot of money.  It didn't matter who's kids got the gifts or maybe, at one point their kids needed the hand and it was time for them to pay it back in some small way.  Well, there was a lot to be said about the "good old days" compared to today.  I think we could all use a little hunk of the does the soul good.

Now....zoom in on the promo picture the hat....

Ya, that's me.  Last year, I was really excited to try my hand at it, so I chirped up and did what I could.  I asked for a corner right by the house, and luckily I know the guys at Midas pretty good for the bathroom, so I was excited to get it.  I mean, when else can you go play in traffic for a few hours in December?

There was a lot more to it tho.  The delight of seeing friends and neighbors, watching to see how many people had the symbolic "paper on the dash" to signify that they already gave.  The kids in the car, the pets....and you know, one thing I noticed....the amazing amount of smokers out there.  Gotta watch those things....the'll kill ya.  It was really one of the most stimulating days I have ever spent.  helping some kids, seeing some cool people and stuff.....

I'm here point blank asking ya.....join us!  You'll have a great time, do your part....won't cost you a penny and...let's be could use the fresh air.  

This here picture on it, it's the link to their Facebook page, give it a like, get your Carhart out and let's rock this town this coming season.  It's what friends and neighbors do.

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