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Adelaide Pointe Power Boat Weekend

Adelaide Pointe Power Boat Weekend
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Wings Over Muskegon

Wings Over Muskegon
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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Halloween Fun at the Muskegon Lighthouse Saturday Oct 14th


It's something we see yearly, where we live gives us pretty much three perfect seasons of sugar sand beaches and fun for everyone.  Even today as we were filming, a pair of travelers from Indy  were seeking a parking spot to head down to the Muskegon Lighthouse for a view.  I stopped and talked with them for a bit and asked if they'd come back in July sometime, when we could show them a little more. Those three seasons are busy and no one really wants to let go.  Including the Lighthouse itself.

Now staffed by volunteers and always looking to grow that list of people who can spend a little time helping the cause, the Muskegon Lighthouse is boasting one of the most successful seasons on record.  Over 1000 people took the trip to the top to see the stunning view of where we call home from the top of the lighthouse.  The gift shop is now all sold out and packed up, the show fences are on the beach and we'd love to see you at one more event before the snow fly's.. a Halloween Party this Saturday.   

Kimberly Lange invited us down again to sum up the season and throw out the welcome mat for one more great chance at seeing the Muskegon Lighthouse, all done up in Halloween d├ęcor inside as a treat for the fans of the ghosting and ghouling that seems to have taken over the entire month of October.  The Muskegon Lighthouse will welcome guests from 1p-4p Saturday October 14th.  Kids in costumes, they get to go to the top of the lighthouse for a peek for free...and adults....a $5 donation is asked.  If you can swing a little more, go ahead.   Costume contests, Halloween treats and a fun atmosphere with a gentle "spooky" approach is what to expect.

The Lighthouse planned the 1-4 on purpose.  It seems that they are not the only ones working to have some fun for the peanut gallery.  The Muskegon Farmers Market will be hosting trick or treaters in the morning while their vendors are on site, the Hackley Library has things Halloween themed for kids to do as does the Lakeshore Museum Center.  Seems that just about everyone is rolling out the red carpet for some spooktacular fun this weekend.

The Muskegon Lighthouse goes in to "winter" mode after this weekend.  It can be opened for private tours in the offseason and the work during the offseason is to recruit more who might like to be involved in 2024 and beyond to help learn about, and share the rich history and splendor of one of the most unique things to our community.  No one hear has to drive from Indianapolis to see a lighthouse!  We can all get behind it and preserve our treasure.


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