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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

A Benefit for Kenzie's Be Cafe October 28th at the The Starlight Room


From time to time, and then and again, our Positively Muskegon travels take us outside the county lines, but it's always for a purpose and this one is two fold as we're going to show you something amazing going on in Grand Haven and let you in on a benefit we're pretty dang sure you're going to want to be a part of when you hear all about it.  Welcome to Kenzie's Be Café on Washington in Grand Haven. 

Kenzie is a Junior at Mona Shores High School.  She just happens to have a café named after her "across the bridge" that is owned by her aunt, Erin Lyon.  Erin made a giant career switch not long ago from her chosen path of being an attorney when she saw a chance to get in to something a little more welcoming and less stressful.  She owned a Jumpin Java location, there was a desire to open another one, and the plan was reimagined to build a purposeful and sustainable place where people with different abilities of all levels could find a way to work, learn and see that those "different abilities".....well, they are not all that different after all.

Kenzie and I go back a minute or two.  She's been nothing but an inspiration to me as she fits right in to where she's planted.  Singing Christmas Tree?  She's in it.  Varsity Cheerleader?  Yup.  Life of the party no matter where she goes?  Usually.  What makes Kenzie this way?  Her heart is so gentle, her approach to life is so kind and her willingness to not be anything other than a young woman with a bright future in front of her sends a message that resonates to anyone who meets her.  Naming a spot where others can learn some of the skills that Kenzie has and then go on to succeed in other areas too, it only makes the best of sense. 

Kenzie's Be Café serves all of the proper coffee's and teas, as well as a menu that they have learned to make in house, daily, just like any other spot.  The open feel and the close knit group gives people who sometimes shy away from things because of their "limits" a chance to break right through it and build the confidence needed to go on to much larger endeavors, and they have.  As you hear Erin talk about in the video, some almost unthinkable goals have been attained just by seeing that anything can be accomplished if you are given the chance, no matter the circumstance.

While the café might be just over the county line, Kenzie is quite proudly one of ours, and with that, Muskegon knows how to throw a benefit like no other.  October 28th, there will be a night of music and fun at The Starlight Room.  Kenzie's Be Café will be the beneficiary.  The music is from Rockford's "Puffin Down" who are an outstanding cover band and since we're in The Starlight Room just two days before the party, we'll welcome Puffin Down as the musical guests on the Muskegon Tonight Live show on Thursday the 26th.  A lot of fun to come at The Starlight Room!  Come and join us!   

It's been one of the greatest gift's I have been given to be among people who I will readily admit that at one point, I was uncomfortable around.  To open up just enough though.... to see that differences are what make all of us unique and that the necessity for anyone to just be who they are....it's paramount.  No matter what label may be placed, it can be torn off and the truly remarkable part of the removal of a label....it's the realization that we are all more the same than we are different.  Kenzie teaches that every single time I see her.  A stop into Kenzie's Be Café and you'll see just what I am talking about.  


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