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Adelaide Pointe Power Boat Weekend
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Wings Over Muskegon

Wings Over Muskegon
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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Muskegon Magic - Travel Cheerleading Team - Carwash Fundraiser at Wet Wolf Wash Aug 13th


The sport of competitive cheer is an exciting and fun way to keep kids moving and active and doing anything but staring at a screen.  If you've ever seen a competitive cheer competition you know that the energy and drive it takes is incredible.  The focus and team work is second to none and the bond and trust built between the members of the team also leads to friendships that can last a lifetime.  In Muskegon, Gonyons Gymnastics is the base for the Muskegon Magic Competitive Cheer, and they are having a fundraiser.

On Sunday the 13th of August from 2p-5p the Wet Wolf Wash located at 5479 E. Apple will be hosting the kids and families as they make your car sparkle and shine for a hand in some of their team costs.  Roll on up in your Rolls, Beemer, Toyota or Ford and let them put their magic on it at Wet Wolf who are donating their space for the day.  You will also find a bake sale and something quite unique.  They are hosting a shoe drive.  Bring in your gently used shoes and they have an agency that buys them by the pound and then distributes them to developing countries and places where poverty is the main way of life.  Who even knew that was an option for donations?

The team has already brought home some brass from their travels.  Last year in their quests, the trip to Florida yielded a championship and to go back this year to defend it is the goal.  

Team tryouts for the Magic are held at Gonyon's Gymnastics on August 17th and the season runs from September-April.  What a great way to spend the winter months among friends while developing teamwork ethics and keeping physical activity as high as possible.  It's a great group of energetic and fun young people and to be a part of the excitement and fun can begin with a visit for a quick wash on Sunday where you can not only drive off with a clean car and some good baked snacks, you can know for sure you did something great to help some kids and families make the experience of sports as great as it can be.  

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