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Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Muskegon Railroad Historical Society Gets a New Home

It was a little bit of a shock a couple years ago for the members of the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society.  Their space above the Muskegon Heritage Museum was being reclaimed as the Heritage Museum was expanding.  While initially it left the group with a few unanswered questions, a little digging was done and their new home was found and the work is underway!  It's going to be bigger and better than ever and you can get your first look here!

Driven by it's members and their enthusiasm for trains and Muskegon's history with them, the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society is in the process of renovating the building located at 2371 Marquette Avenue, right across from Orchard View Elementary.  To say it needed some "work" is a bit of an understatement.  They pretty much had to gut the whole place.  Replace everything from the wires to the walls was the starting point.  In the long run though, the new spot will be theirs and theirs alone and the amazing displays, and complete library of history of railroading in Muskegon will have it's forever home for generations to come.
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If you've ever caught one of our stories in the past about the Historical Society, you've seen the stunning displays and the amazing collection they curate.  Today, you're going to be getting a look at the rebuild.  These guys are not only putting in the sweat equity, they are putting their own money behind the renovation.  It's a labor of love for an industry that Michigan doesn't see as much of due to where we sit on the map.  Rail Roads are still a huge part of logistics and commerce, but since we are a peninsular state, we don't see the kind of rail traffic "thru" states do.

While the displays and shelves upon shelves of books are packed away for the moment, Michael Wood of the Historical Society invited us down to have a look at the new place and the work going on, take a look! 

Renewal is happening and history is being preserved!  It was an unexpected move, but in the long term it's a new destination, to get people into a new neighborhood to enjoy some of the richest history Muskegon has to offer, curated by people who genuinely care.  They were quick to point out too that April 27th there will be a model train show over at OV Elementary, right across from the news space for the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society.  Stop in and see both!  Help support the museum a little too!

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