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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ali Pummelstone Needs Us All - Let's Give Her The Chance to Walk

No one wants to see the kind of struggle a kid has had to endure like Ali has.  Ali is 12 now and has undergone 17 major surgeries to correct a rare condition called Arthrogyposis in all 4 of her limbs.  It's been a life time of casts and braces for the kid and a struggle of monumental proportion for her parents both emotionally and financially.

The family found a doctor at a conference who looked them in the eye and said "I can fix her" but it's going to take a village to get her where she needs to be.  The surgeon is in Palm Beach Florida and post surgery it's going to take about a year of intensive physical therapy to get her up on her feet and walking.....it's all she's ever wanted to do.  Be like the other kids and be able to walk, run and play.  Her time in the chair, braces and casts have kept her form that and the family is doing all they can to raise the funds to buy the necessary insurance policy for the surgery in advance and cover some living costs while they are in Florida.
Click Here to Donate to Help Ali

I first met Ali a couple years ago, she was featured in a video we did for Mission for Area People as the family often needs to ask for a little help from the agency with things for gas to get to medical appointments, maybe a doctor bill here and there and just a hand filling in the gaps from time to time.  Mission For Area People has been one of our favorite places to report on as this is exactly who they help and why.  Life is so hard for some, and Mission for Area People is there to lend a little assistance when they can.  Ali is kind of easy to fall in love with too.  It happened to Tanya Cabala who was out campaigning when she met Ali and it was Tanya that brought the need to our attention so we invited her to join us at Ali's house

The Family selling at craft sales, they are asking for help from friends and family but $15,000 is an awful lot of money for most anyone to come up with so, we wanted to extend the message to our audience in the hopes that a small amount of help from a lot of people will help us make a miracle happen in Muskegon and get this little girl her legs back.

Tanya Cabala and I met up with Ali to talk about her condition and what she's been through so far.  You'll see that while it's been a long hard road, she's not lost any of her spirit or sass.  She's a great kid and her story is moving.  Take a listen.

If you can, help the family out.  Imagine if each of us just did a little we can make this happen for Ali!  The chance to just be "normal" is all she's asking and this family has ensured so much.  If you can, please give them a hand by clicking on the link above.

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