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Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Know Smoke Zombie Walk Coming Up at Heritage Landing October 6th

Anyone who's ever tried to quit smoking knows the struggle.  Quitting smoking is said to be harder than breaking a heroin habit.  The ease of access to cigarette's and the somewhat "acceptable" stance still on smoking combined with the addictive properties of nicotine and habitual developments that go along with smoking make it nearly impossible to quit for most.  What's the answer?  To get people to not start in the first place.

It's said that the average age of first use of cigarette's is about 15 and with the onset of vaping...it could be younger.  This is the time when the message needs to be the loudest to people to try and get them to not start in the first place.  Have you ever tried to convince a teenager that you might know better?  Ya, not the easiest task.  So...let's find a way to communicate to them that reaches past those "know it all grown up's" and speak to them on a level that's fun, interactive, purpose driven and provides them a social outlet while they learn a little about the dangers of what could become a life long, and life ending habit.
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The Muskegon County Tobacco Reduction Coalition works through the Muskegon County Health Project to put on the Know Smoke Zombie Walk every Fall.  It's a teen centered day focused on education and cessation.  They stress teens and the power of saying no if tempted to try smoking by their peers.  Selecting friends who also don't smoke, offering some thoughts to those who might try to tempt teens into smoking like "You don't mind smelling like that?"

This years walk will be held Saturday October 6th at Heritage Landing Downtown Muskegon.  There are currently over 100 students signed up and there will be plenty for them to see and do.  There will be a walk of course....a costume contest themed around the dangers of smoking, refreshments, a dance where you are welcome to do the "Monster Mash" or any other zombie type move you might know.  Registration gets underway at 12n and the entire event will wrap up at about 3:30.

I was joined by Cyndi Powers and Logan Jensen who are helping organize this event.  We tried for a nice shoot at Heritage Landing to show you how beautiful it is before a "Somking Zombie Apocalypse" but the wind got the better of us, so we were welcomed in by The Coffee Factory right around the corner to talk about this great event.  Take a listen.

Fun, informative and a chance to get a message across in a way that won't feel like a threat....a "condescending adult" talking down to a teen and put on by a group of people who truly care about the youth and bringing that next generation of non smokers about.  This event is free and registration in advance is encouraged.  You can visit the Eventbrite page by clicking on the photo below to get signed up.

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