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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Force Awakens at Cinema Carousel!! What You Need to Know

It's a big deal!  For nearly 40 years movie fans have been captivated, drawn in and thrilled with the Star Wars series.  Movie making changed forever with the release of the original Star Wars film in May of 1977 and even the movie world had no idea what a paramount shift they were facing with the release of the film.  Generations have been entertained, brought in and have built pride in the Star Wars experience being shared.
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The Force Awakens opens Friday nationwide (well, Thursday night, but you'll have to listen to the interview for those details.  Cinema Carousel in Muskegon will be jumping with fans young and old and they have been prepping for the event for a while.  There are some rules that you are being asked to observe for the safety and enjoyment of everyone.  They are simple requests and put in place to assure that no one walks away feeling upset about the experience.

I had a chance to sit down with Tom Bitson from Cinema Carousel and talk a little about the do's and dont's when coming to see Star Wars - The Force Awakens. We also had the chance to talk about some of the amazing renovations that have taken place at Cinema Carousel and some of the other block busters coming out for the holidays!  Take a listen so you know going in to see Star Wars - The Force Awakens!

Cinema Carousel and the parent company Celebration Cinema are the pinnacle of the movie going experience.  Their commitment to Celebrated Service and the best experience possible is unmatched and their involvement in the community is unparalleled.  If you're a first time Star Wars move goer...or...you've been at it....with your dad for 40 years like me.  Make sure you head to Celebration Cinema for the best experience in seeing Star Wars - The Force Awakens!  You can click on the link below for shows and show times!  May the Force be with you.....always!

To visit the Cinema Carousel page for more shows and show times, click on their logo!

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