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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Perfectly Positive Partnership!

One of the things that's great about Muskegon is that people can decide to work together on things.  Cooperation!  Imagine that?  Well, we did and we're glad to say that we've swapped links!

Muskegon Local can be found from Positively Muskegon and Positively guessed it!!  Found on Muskegon Local!

It's a pretty simple concept!

Positively Muskegon will continue on with the local stories that you want to know about!  Good people doing good things and in spite of what you might hear on other media gone it...there are really remarkable people here who do really remarkable things and you know....we outta tell that story!

Muskegon Local?  It's awesome!!  Different business, different deals, new places to shop....things to do, what's happening around town...who's got a good pizza....the best brews!  Local events,'s all right there!!

Now, you might be scratching your head?  "How can they do that?"  Well, it's simple.  We are both out for basically the same thing.  We love it here!  We've been to the mat more than once for the town, share mine, I'll share yours and BAM!  Magic!  (like that pizzazz on the end?)

You've never heard of Muskegon Local??  Well, let's fix that!  Click Below!!

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