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Monday, December 9, 2019

Giving Back Christmas 2019 - Sunday December 15th at the VFW on Apple Ave in Muskegon

There are key moments in life where you will most likely never forget where you were when it happened.  Maybe it was a historic event, maybe it was the birth of a child or the news of the loss of a parent.  No matter, the who or what...the "where" seems to stand out to all of us for one reason or another, and the "where" in the case of Positively Muskegon will always be tied to the "She Shed" of Andrea Rosema, and her event called "Giving Back Christmas"

It was just a fledgling idea without a lot of direction, this blog and my whopping crew of no one except me, and a GoPro camera.  I had just come off a couple years of some less than adequate job experiences which really left me up against the wall.  I'd get out of the 9-5 job and hope I could get home early enough to try and get the paperwork in to the bank to keep my house, because $10 bucks an hour just can't make it happen.  I had left the only thing I did as an adult, radio, on principle a couple years earlier.  I really enjoyed the NASCAR job I left it for, but when that dried up and I came back to work...finding something to do wasn't all that easy and finding someone who understood the purpose behind what I wanted to do as opposed to how much money they could grab as fast as they could grab it.  I was heading for a wall...and fast.  I had a blog program I knew was free and I had to ask the wife to use the Best Buy card to buy the cheapest camera I could find....6 months same as cash.  I needed a little direction in the whole thing and from out of nowhere, popped up Andrea Rosema.
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She was putting on a party for kids.  It was a fun day for kids and families at the VFW on Apple filled with cookie decorating, letters and cards to soldiers, snacks, giveaways, music and fun.  There were a handful of friends pitching in and a few sponsors that gave her some things to give was Andrea's chance to put a little something good back in the world, and my introduction to the infamous "She Shed".

We sat huddled around that GoPro, 4 or 5 us us.  It was FREEZING but as we talked everything fell into place.  While I had been a part of some of the largest and most detailed events you can imagine...this was the biggest thing Andrea and her friends do every year and my role in it....give them the floor!  Help them spread the word.  Show the world just how awesome every corner of Muskegon is and how vital Andrea and everyone like her are to making sure that we chug along no matter what we are facing.

So much has happened since.  Yes, Muskegon is in much better shape.  Yes, we've grown a little.  Yes, the "she shed" is still freezing and YES!  Andrea is still at it and you are still invited to bring the kids out for a great gathering this Sunday from 1p-5p to the VFW 7729 at 6285 E. Apple Ave for some holiday cheer and fun.  The list of things to do is long and it's FREE for anyone to attend!

Andrea and I met up in the "she shed" once again and had our yearly visit....where it all began!

Remembering your roots, well, it's kind of a big deal to us.  To know we grew to what we are today from one request from a mom wanting to show her kids, and the neighbor kids BY EXAMPLE what it is to take care of your community....we'll forever br grateful to Andrea and her squad.  As long as she'll have us...we'll keep going back to help spread the word.  Positively Muskegon's heart and soul lies within Andrea...and people like her.  We are ever so thankful for all who have helped us along the way.

For a real treat, click on picture will take you back to our first visit with Andrea and friends.....where it all began.

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