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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Suicide Remembrance and Prevention Walk Downtown Muskegon September 28th at the Olthoff Stage

Suicide.  It's a subject so taboo, even those who are considering it don't dare talk about it.  Those who have lost someone to it have a hard time coming to grips with the what and why around the loss of their loved one.  It seems like a final solution to someone who's life has become unmanageable but the truth is, the pain that is caused to those left behind is beyond any measure and the void left...and the unanswered questions last a lifetime.

This is coming from an author who's stood on the edge.  The darkness and depression is real.  That thought of escape seems so easy and "the way out" seems like a solution.  The hindsight in the matter is no one knows what the future holds and that what seems so broken and's only temporary.
Suicide Walk on Facebook

How do you break the taboo?  How do you break the stigma attached to suicide?  How do you find a beacon of hope in the middle of the abyss?  You talk.  You take that first step and you say "HELP".  It's not easy.  It's not the most proud moment in most lives but it's the new beginning that only comes once rock bottom is hit and the rebirth of who you'll actually be.  But, who do you ask for help?  Well, that's where the Suicide Prevention Coalition comes in.

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Muskegon County helps in a number of ways.  From crisis lines to group meetings, they work to take away the whispers surrounding the topic.  They offer settings for those who are left behind after a suicide as well as those who have come close, but me.  They are hosting an event Saturday September 28th at 11am at the Olthoff Stage across from the Frauenthal Center.  The event is a walk in remembrance of those who have left us as well as a prevention walk to hopefully reach someone out there who might be considering he end as an option.  The event will have some music, some spoken word, light refreshments and about a mile walk in remembrance.  There will be educational opportunities and outreach available as well.

Scott Teichmer is a member of the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Muskegon and invited me down to talk about the cloud over suicide as well as the event coming up this weekend, take a listen.

Take it from me.  What's to come is a miracle and's truly a gift.  No matter the circumstance, there is help and you thinking that the end is any kind of easy way out...I implore you to reach out for help, because it's not.  Call locally if you need help. 231-722-4357.  Call the national number 1-800-273-8255.  Text - 741741.  Don't let something temporary become eternal.  If you'd like to know more, about the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Muskegon, click on the photo below to visit their Facebook page where you can go on to their website.  Please, attend the walk this Saturday and support their efforts and those who have lost someone to suicide.

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