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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Family Promise Supermarket Sweep at Great Lakes Fresh Market November 16th 2018

  The tickets were sold and the stage was set.  It was time for the fin of the Supermarket Sweep to get underway at Great Lake Fresh Market on Friday morning November 16th on Sherman Ave in Muskegon.  Just shy of 800 tickets were sold to benefit Family Promise of the Lakeshore.  Family Promise keeps families together in a homeless emergency.

  It's a completely community supported organization, and Marian McDermod and her staff work tirelessly to make sure that needs are met.  Food, personal care items, education on running a household and making sure that once the time with Family Promise is up, the families who do have to rely on their service, have more knowledge and won't have to face the same crisis twice.  It's a tremendous outreach and something everyone in Muskegon should be very proud of.

Visit Family Promise of the Lakeshore Online

Ed and Marion showing off the register tape
  Ed Wosinski was our contestant.  His wife's ticket was actually drawn, but she's a teacher up at Holton Schools and had a test that had to be given and couldn't make it out of work, so Ed stepped up.  We all met up at the store about 8:30 to go over some of the rules.  No alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets or gift cards.  There is a 5 minute limit and other than that...the store is yours.  Ed did a couple of pre-sweep walk through laps to see what was where and of course the Mrs. gave him a list.

  Here's the twist though, Ed's plan was to get only a handful of things for himself.  The rest was all going back to Family Promise or another organization that Ed and his wife are passionate about working with refugees here in the area.  Ed's the Youth Minister at First Lutheran Church and wanted to show by example that giving can so so much further.

It's a wild run, so give yourself a few minutes and take a look and watch for the total at the end.  The Supermarket Sweep is on.  Go Ed Go!!

  What a unique and fun fundraiser for a remarkable organization.  Ed's generosity will go far beyond the $10 ticket it cost he and his wife to be in the drawing and his example is one for all of us to follow.  Our thanks to Great Lakes Fresh Market for their generous support of the  Family Promise of the Lakeshore.

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