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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Santa's Helpers of Muskegon Helping Those Who Struggle to Make Christmas Magic Happen

  The holidays are fast approaching and for some, it's a dreaded time of year.  So much pressure to live up to the hype and excitement of the glitz and glamour of all the gift giving and huge surprises under the tree.  So much pressure from the advertising world, peers and social media in today's world for the biggest, best and most.  However, there are families who struggle to get by.  Some work more than one job to sustain the basics, and all the extras are hard to come by.

  One of the things that makes Muskegon so awesome is that in Muskegon, we always find a way to band together and help.  We're a very hard working town and getting our hands dirty and making sure that those in need don't go without seems to be a "thing".  It's one of the best parts of this community.  There are plenty of the "big organizations" that handle this kind of thing, but we always seem to see the grass roots things pop up too and when they take root and grow, it's because there are people behind them who understand what it is to have to go the extra mile to make ends meet and they genuinely want to see others not have to struggle the way they did.  More hands make light work right?
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  Santa's Helpers of Muskegon got started 4 years ago.  The loss of some family members sparked the idea...how can they take a personal tragedy and spark something good for others.  Year one, they served 35 kids.  They paired kids with sponsor families and organizations to help make a little magic happen.  They have grown.  Now, the number of kids is over 100 and the people willing to sponsor a kid has grown right along with them.  The need for good in the world is proven time and time again, when sometimes perfect strangers learn what a child needs by way of clothes or essentials and maybe a few toys and they make it happen.  The best part of it too, is that it happens right here in Muskegon.  Neighbors taking care of neighbors and that's what we are and have always been all about.

  I caught up with Karen Gagnon, Brie Shotwell and and Kathy Strait who founded and have grown this group of good.  We also had a surprise guest join us toward the tail end of the visit.  Take a listen to hear how this group has done it and continues to grow.

  It's not rocket science to take care of your community.  Good people who want to make a difference can do so much with an idea and some initiative.  Another amazing part of the story, turning a tragedy into a triumph.  The loss of a couple of kids meant that their memory will go on in the light of the joy of others when those kids who were at risk of going without, don't have to because someone cared enough to take a little action and make a difference.  You can connect with Santa's Helpers of Muskegon by finding them on Facebook.  Their page is linked in the picture above.

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