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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Trevor Hilson Sits Down With County Commissioner Bob Scolnik

Bob Scolnik is an entrepreneur, politician, and community activist who was born in Albany, New York. His love for service began when he became a member of the United States Army.  It was this service that brought him to Muskegon and ultimately introduced him to his lovely wife Merle.  

Upon arriving to Muskegon, Bob immediately made an impact in our community.  He devoted a lot of his time and talent to making Muskegon great, by becoming the owner of Muskegon Brake & Distributing.  As if owning a business was not enough, Mr. Scolnik continued his passion for public service by starting his political career on the Norton Shores City Council.  

He then decided to run for County Commissioner and is currently serving his eighth term in office.  From starting a business to being a public servant in the military and as a politician, Bob Scolnik has a passion for making Muskegon County a great place to live, work, and play.

It is within that spirit that he continues to be highly involved with the Boys and Girls Club.  Bob has helped organize, promote, and host the Club’s premier fundraising event for the past two years.  He also does concerts as fundraisers for organizations. Currently he is working on a fundraising concert for Family Promise in November. It has been a pleasure getting to know Bob, and I thank him for everything that he does for Muskegon.

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