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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Team Hannah 5k September 16th to Benefit Tuberous Sclerosis in Whitehall

Gonna start this one off with a disclaimer.  I had no idea there was even such a thing as tuberous sclerosis until I heard from Jennifer Bevans.  I'd be willing to bet everything I own too, that Jennifer wishes she's never heard of it, but her daughter Hannah has it, and Jennifer as you will hear shortly has become a walking Wikipedia on the subject.  You can hear from the expert in a few.
Team Hannah Online

In a nutshell, here's what happens.  Tuberous sclerosis is a genetic disorder.  It's found in the DNA and it causes random, non malignant tumors to grow in people.  In Hannah's case, it's been pretty profound.  She's had them in her eyes, her brain.. two days before she was born, the doctors did an  ultrasound and found 24 tumors in her heart before they stopped counting.  Can you imagine that?   She found her way into MRI's and CT scanners immediately after she came along and her friends and family immediately surrounded her with the love and support needed not only to help Hannah, but to help shine a light on the condition and help those researching it as well as treating the condition.  One of the amazing things that happen in Muskegon every day and one of the reasons Positively Muskegon was founded.

Of course, like any effort to diagnose, treat or educate people about a condition that happens to 1 in 6000 people, it takes a few bucks.  Team Hannah was formed and since day one, they have worked to find ways to make a difference and one of them has been the Team Hannah 5k in Whitehall.  Set to take place on September 16th, registration is going on now.  If you get signed up today, you still have time to get in on the commemorative t-shirt, but shirt or no shirt... the $30 for registration will not only get you a picturesque run through Whitehall on a beautiful fall day, you'll know that your donation goes to help Hannah and others who deal with this rare condition and those who work to help treat it.

Like I said, I can't even pretend to say I understand this one, so let's leave it to mom, Jennifer Bevans to explain it all a little better.

We all have hurdles in life, but if I may interject momentarily, it just seems unfair that some are so high.  Meeting the Bevans family today, I found a sweet girl, a mom and dad who have been given a mountain to climb, and they do...and they do the best they can with it and don't come off asking to be considered super heroes for it or anything and I just hate the fact that the struggle for some people is this hard.  I do take great comfort in the fact that ours is a community built on support and that so many have been involved for so long to help these folks and others like them.  I was honored that Jennifer asked up to come help tell the story and I hope that if you are a 5k type person....you are able to find your way to Whitehall on September 16th and join Team Hannah!  The registration is below!

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