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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Victor Gouveia Benefit Run May 21st


There are some people that come along who's drive is to make the world a better place and that sometimes means taking a role in lives of people that may or may not ever be able to pay them back.  We all know someone like this.  That friend or neighbor that always has the right tool.  Maybe it's the wisdom they possess and manage to share at the most opportune times or, it might be one of those situations where whatever they have going on gets put on pause to get something ironed out for you?  This is the kind of person that friends had in Victor Gouveia.

Victor is described as "that guy".  Always there to lend a hand.  Obsessed with how things work and making them work and helping people get their gadgets running right.  An incredibly talented auto body mechanic and fan of all things Harley and outdoors, Victor's passions were contagious and to those around him that were lucky enough to have him on their side, the friendship was more valuable than the abilities.  There was a deeper side to Victor too. 

Go Fund Me for Victor

Victor took on a role in a young guys life that changed the course of forever.  Not having much of a father figure in his life, Jerrod found a friendship with Victor.  He also took interest in the toys, gadgets and trade that Victor had going on.  Hey, what teen wouldn't be impressed with that kind of knowledge and excitement?  As the relationship grew, Victor saw the kid's excitement to learn autobody and started mentoring him in how it's done.  Only thing is, Jerrod's grades starts to slip a little.  Grades?  Well, do we keep doing what we're doing learning a trade or what?  Victor saw the teachable moment and did some dealing.  If Jerrod wanted to keep learning autobody, getting the grades up to speed was going to have to come first and if that meant working on that was part of it, so be it.  This is the kind of dedication and mentorship the world lacks, and the kind of investment in a young life rarely found.

Victor's time here was cut far too short as you'll hear, his memory, family and friends are establishing a fund to help provide scholarships to area young people for scholarships to learn the skilled trades.  Since Victor was a Harley guy, let's fire up some bikes and get it done!  The ride kicks off in Grand Haven on May 21st and it's gonna be a stellar ride!  As the return back to Grand Haven comes back later in the day, Hiway Bar is the final stop as that was Victor's spot!  It's going to be an awesome day remembering an example set and lives effected.  It will also be a lasting reminder to others of the example set and a way to let the legacy of service, kindness and community carry on. 

Catrina Chambers and Everett Hawkins are two of the organizers of the upcoming event.  We grabbed a few minutes to learn a little more about Victor and the impact he's had, along with the details on his legacy.  Take a listen. 

Takeaway's from this?  It doesn't take much to be "that guy" to someone.  It's a matter of sharing some time and talent.  Who you can have an impact on and the amount of change you can make might not be seen immediately but in the long term, planting a seed doesn't always turn into a tree overnight.  One other thought, being kind goes a long long way for all of us.  While Victor probably never thought twice about what he was doing or why, in his absence those who's lives he touched knew that his legacy should carry on and amplified.  Please be a part of this great event anyway you can.  The bike run event is linked below.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Police and Fire Picnic for the Family May 14th at Wolf Lake Community Church - Meet Rosemary O'Rourke


We beat the drum a lot about Muskegon and it’s always about what’s good coming out of the community as opposed to the “easy stuff” of finding the quick and easy way to get you to click on something. Well? This kind of approach isn’t just haphazard, it’s pretty reflective of everyone in this community and the trick is to get them to share their story about what they do and why…and to give them the spotlight for a couple minutes so that what they do is seen, heard and hopefully the example they set is followed and repeated. Seems easy right? Well, the work comes in the fact that sometimes the folks that do these deeds, well, they do them because it’s the right thing to do and not necessarily to be seen doing it. This gets a little more difficult when we start talking about older generations especially when the idea of “camera shy” is secondary to self sacrifice as taught all those years ago.

Like you to meet Rosemary O’Rourke. Rosemary is putting on a picnic lunch to honor our police and fire departments on May 14th at Wolf Lake Community Church from 11-1to show some appreciation for our area first responders as they have all been working under some pretty strenuous circumstances. The level of pressure we’ve all been under has been immense and to be in the role of working to help people who are in an emergency situation on top of what the are facing from day to day life as it goes. 

Rosemary is no stranger to pitching in. She’s been organizing events and fundraising events for years to help out in and around Muskegon. If you go back a while around here, you may remember the Andrea Bosse case. Rosemary was instrumental in helping them finish off the house that was eventually built by not only swinging a hammer herself, but organizing others to help and when there were enough hands on deck, or in this case on the roof, she shifted gears and got to work feeding everyone who showed up to make sure their work was appreciated and that they had the fuel to get it done quickly. Rosemary has also worked on behalf of veterans and their causes and the idea of any attention back toward her….it’s pretty foreign.

After a little convincing the camera rolled however. The hope is for what Rosemary remembers. Families coming out together to enjoy a free picnic honoring police and fire.  Rosemary is asking for an RSVP to try and plan ahead for the food, so if you can call 231-773-4087 it would be appreciated.  E&A Grocery is helping out with the food as is Town and Country Market on Apple are pitching in too.  Kids getting a chance to see the cruisers and trucks up close and personal and being able to speak to these local hero’s one on one to see the side of our first responders that we all know are here to help us in Muskegon. Friends and neighbors who’s main focus is the safety and welfare of all of us. Take a listen 

The example we all follow today has been set by people like Rosemary.  We work to show you the every day folks who make events like this possible in our community, but the reality is that we've been being shown by example for years just how a community comes together to help a purpose.  In Rosemary's case the purpose is to show some gratitude to the police and fire while give kids and young families a chance to engage and see that they are community protectors, not a threat.  It's also a chance to feed some people, enjoy some time outside now that Spring is trying to get here and just exhale.  We all need the pressure off some.  We all need to look back to and appreciate the groundwork that's been laid as well as the example set by Rosemary and carry it on.  It's her example that makes our community the stand out it is. 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Benefit for Colin Kerstein June 4th - Meet Traci Schuitema Who's Organizing The Event


In 2015 along came this blog called Positively Muskegon.  It was born of the idea that maybe a new idea in how Muskegon was talked about was a fairly good idea and in that idea of our image, how do we best share that message with a much broader audience than what traditional media in the area reaches.  We also had a lot of light shining to do on the people who see a need and fill it, no matter how large or small and if they had any prior experience in such a role.

In Muskegon, we've seen so many absolutely incredible things grow from one person's idea.  Some of the events have gone on to become the things that we can't live without like concerts, motorcycle rallies and more.  Some, have come and gone and in their wake left millions of dollars behind the help those who are stricken with some illness or something and others, it might just be a one time shot to help a friend or family member get over a bump in the road.  No mater the cause, we are remarkably fortunate to live in a community that understands the fabric of all of us in in caring for those who may never be able to pay us back.  Hero's all begin somewhere, and by definition, a hero is is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.  Anyone willing to grab the reigns when a 14 year old boy has cancer and says "I can do something about that" is a hero in our book.

Meet Traci Schuitema.  By day, Traci is a big rig driver!  That's right a tried and true trucker!  In her spare time....well, a glance at her FB shows a pretty cool motorcycle, a little sass and close friendships with a lot of remarkable people.  About every 4th or 5th entry however is a flyer for Colin Kerstein who at 14 found out that he had a little more of a challenge to face than most when he fall and broke a leg.  Colin found out on that day that he had a very rare form of cancer called adamantinoma.

Adamantinoma are rare tumors, which most often affect teenage boys and young men, usually occur after bones stop growing and require aggressive treatment. While there is no known cause, patients with adamantinoma have usually sustained trauma to the affected area.  Colin and his family are facing a lot of hospital time, time away from schools and home and surgeries to eradicate this problem.  It's an issue not foreign to any of us, and when it comes to kids in Muskegon, we know better than anyone how to circle the wagons and all do a little something to help, even if it's just showing up.  Which is what this story serves to do...invite you!

June 4th at Pats Roadhouse on Getty Street, it's gonna be a day!  12n-8p it's time to get it on!  Back to that motorcycle we mentioned...there may be a big bad biker or two on hand.  You know those gruff big hearted types that ALWAYS give more than they get?  There's going to be a pig roast, great music from Witchcraft Lemonade, live and silent auctions as well as plenty of the normal accompaniments at a fundraising gathering.  Traci and friends are currently gathering up the goods for the auctions and if you care to help, you may contact Traci by EMAILING HER HERE and of course, if you really want to go all in, you are welcome to get a hold of Traci and volunteer for the day or part of it. 

We met up at Pat's Roadhouse to get the 4-1-1 on the day, take a listen as we show you yet again, another person in Muskegon that's decided that "if it's to be, it's up to me".  

So, she might have been a little nervous when we began, but let's go back to hero. Coming on camera is the easy part. Investing the time, energy and dedication to organizing an 8 hour event to help the child of a friend and going out door to door to find others who may be willing to help too? We're warming up.  Seeing the impact that can be had by sacrificing a little time and rallying up some friends to pitch in?  Hero stuff.  Once the understanding of what it takes to help and how learning with one can multiply and help others down the you're seeing lasting change in one life or all of our lives and it's that one remarkable individual who just figured they could do more who started it all in motion.  See you June 4th at Pat's.  You'll find the line to the GOFUNDME linked under the flyer for the event.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Muskegon Railroad Historical Society Train Show April 30th 2022


We go back a minute with the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society.  From the first time we met the organization when they were located above the Muskegon Heritage Museum on Western Avenue to today, this small volunteer based organization has not only been a story itself with their move and reimagining of their displays and purpose, but their story of getting it done in the midst of the most unthinkable circumstances speaks volumes of us as a community and how we all take what's important to us and make it happen, one way or another.

We began working with the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society when it was first announced they were moving to their new location in East Muskegon on Marquette where they are today.  It was one of those instances that I almost missed what was there, but got there to see what was and to help share the story a little as the move began.  As the building was found and the work to get it up to speed began, a pandemic hit and slowed things way down.  Everywhere was slowed way down.  It wasn't much of a thrill for anyone.  It wasn't going to be an overnight transformation to begin with but a slowdown of a couple years like this could mean the end for an organization in such transition.  It didn't however.  The people dedicated to the preservation of this essential piece of living history stuck it out, worked when they could and kept it moving ahead ever so slightly. 

MRHS on Facebook

Their annual train show took a hit however.  Congregate events being shut down not only hurt the collectors and enthusiasts of Muskegon's only train show, it's a bit of a fundraiser for the Historical Society too, so that had to be factored in when it comes to funding for the new project.  They stuck it out.  Some very generous help came through the Community Foundation and as the building they will be hosting a grand opening in soon is in the final stages, across the street on April 30th will be the return of their model railroad and hobby expo at Cardinal Elementary!  From 10a-2p those who love the train hobby can enjoy the different vendors and collectors coming in for the show.  There should also be a chance to get a first glance at the MRHS building across the street as the finishing touches are put on.  It's a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the hobby or just see some sights.  It's also a fantastic way to share some history with younger people who might only occasionally see a train up around by us, when if they lived a little further south they'd see just how essential they are to our economy still today.

Michael Wood invited me out to talk about the last couple years for the MRHS and to share some of the thoughts of getting back to business on the expo and finishing off the new home of the MRHS, take a listen. 


A day to share some memories or a day to set into motion some new ones.  Maybe train collecting and building is the hobby that's missing from your family?  Stop out and see the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society and attend their expo on April 30th.  The strength and tenacity of this group to ride out all they have is a direct reflection of all of us in Muskegon.  We find a way.  Thanks to Woody for sparing a few minutes to talk about the work still going on.  

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Citi Boi Corporation - Rob Mathis Takes Action With Friends and Family


We founded the Positively Muskegon blog way back when in 2015 when we found the need to highlight the people in and around Muskegon who have decided that it was time for them to contribute, be it large of small, to help better their community, and in turn, make life for all of us better.  To this day, the key element of all we do is to continue to find those who are willing to help even just one other person and give them a chance to spread the word.  This is how the long term healing of Muskegon happens. 

Rob Mathis is a Muskegon Veteran of the US Army and at the beginning of the pandemic a couple of years ago now, he saw an immediate need to give some relief to his neighbors that were close to him.  Sharing the neighborhood with families and kids, when the schools shut down no plan was immediately formulated as to how to take care of the kids who were dependent on the school breakfast and lunch programs, so, it was time to roll up the sleeves and get to work.  Making sure that there was food was first and then when the programs did come into place through the state and schools, making sure the food actually got to the kids was a second priority.  It was found that some of the kids meal drop off's were being swiped by area homeless and while we know hunger is everywhere, stealing from kids is taboo past most anyone's moral compass.  So a secondary layer was added to make sure that food deliveries got into the hands they were intended to. 

With the beginnings of the work, opportunity presented itself again.  Engagement often breeds awareness and the initial effort of some meals for kids turned into a little bigger push and the formation of Citi Boi Corporation.  Founded in 2021 and still waiting on final approval of their 501c3 status, from their website, Citi Boi describes themselves like this - "We can ensure the community that we are versatile in our approach and can acclimate to situations considering necessities. To guarantee this our organization is becoming Knowledgeable of the needs within the communities."  Street level, grass roots and absolutely from the heart.  This is the beginning of a miracle in action, and it's happening again, right here in Muskegon Michigan by people who never anticipated that they may be the ones called on to make that difference.  

Rob Mathis agreed to join for a talk today.  We are able to learn more about the very humble beginnings of Citi Boi as well as what they hope to see in the future.  A side bar conversation about relations pops up today.  It's an open discussion about what was, what is and if things are moving in the right way.  Rob also talks about where to find Citi Boi and even a meet and greet event coming up Monday which you can learn more about.  Take a listen. 

It's as simple as seeing a kid who needs a lunch. It's as simple as taking a moment outside yourself to see that helping isn't a global effort involving layers and layers or paperwork and accounting.  It's that one moment where we can all stand up and say "I can" and let that lead us to make a difference and a change, and then to see that ripple effect of change hopefully last for generations to come.  If you'd like to learn more about Citi Boi and follow their work, you can click on the link below to visit their website.  You'll find all the links to their social media there as well to follow the growth and progress of Muskegon people doing what we do best and that is taking care of each other, no matter how big or small the effort. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Kids Belong - A Story About One Family's Work to Help Foster Children


Most would be surprised to know that over 600 kids in Muskegon and Ottawa counties are waiting in the foster system for a family to call their own.  Fostering a child is a huge commitment and with the hopes of finding an adoptive family eventually in the process of fostering, it's a world of dedication, emotion, support and finding a way to provide stability when a child might see nothing but turmoil no matter where they look.  

The idea that the need is so great in our area might be an eye opener to some but Jeff Steele and family are all too familiar with it.  They have a family of 13 kids between their own, those they have adopted and fostered and they have recently moved from the Grand Haven Area to Muskegon by Muskegon Community College where their new house is getting the finishing touches completed on it and it's also got room for expansion as their kids continue to grow and they continue to stick to their mission of Kids Belong.  Kids Belong is actually short for Kids Belong in families, which anyone can agree with.  However, there are times that families don't quite make it, kids need a stable environment and as those kids grow, they need the skill set to transition from childhood into early adulthood and know how things work like budgets, taking care of a home and how to navigate an ever more complicated world of "adulting".

Jeff works with local churches, support groups, recruiters to find families who might be interested in fostering or adopting and then to help with the next steps past the process.  Jeff is a Pastor himself and through he and his wife's adoption journey, they have learned that the next most important step for them is to find a way to help the kids who "age out" of the foster/adoption system and help them establish a path that will hopefully break the cycle.  Kids Belong is beginning to set the stage for that with the new house and the space to grow around it so they can build transition housing for the older kids and help them along.  They are 10% of the goal already!  Not a bad starting block for such an ambitious project. 

Like most anything, there are a lot of questions and a lot of nuts and bolts to the idea of adopting and fostering.  Jeff and I sat down to talk about everything from why he and the Mrs. began, how it's impacting the family, the project they are operating with Kids Belong and more.  Plus, hey, a quick tour of a house built for 13!  Who can pass that up?  Take a listen and learn why Kids Belong and how very important it is that some of the very most vulnerable in our community are cared for by such remarkable and giving people. 

It's a major commitment to be willing to jump in to a situation that requires foster care, this we know.  It's also probably one of the most selfless and rewarding things that can happen if the chance is taken and the patience and love required is given.  Does everyone run the numbers up to a family of 13?  Probably not, but the honest truth is this.  It doesn't take 13.  It takes one!  One act of kindness can change the world, and if not the world, one act of kindness can certainly change the life of one person and from there, the hope is that the cycle continues for the good.  Our thanks to Jeff for opening his home to us, if you'd like to learn more about Kids Belong or maybe help with the efforts you'll find them linked by clicking on the photo below.  They are a 501c3 entity so if you do help, you are making a tax deductible contribution to a pretty bright future to the next generation.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Blood Drive December 30th at St. Paul's in Downtown Muskegon


We're always up for helping out at a blood drive!  It's been a while since we just got back to the very basics of who we are and what we work toward with all of our publishing's.  If you remember back a few years, back to about 2015 when this blog started all that we do now, we sought out those who find a way to make a difference in some way or another with what they have to give, no matter how big or small and how their work helps build our community.

It still reigns true.  Sure, we have grown into a lot more than that initial spark, and ya....we sure have had a lot more to cover than who did something selfless to make a difference, but at the end of the day, ALL of our work is centered on those who help build, grow and make Muskegon home.  We are proud to stick to those values.

Very early on Carla Neading was one of the folks who was bold enough to face the GoPro and talk about her blood drive that's held right around the holidays.  She's a healthcare worker and for years, she's been organizing a blood drive at the time of the year when it's needed most, the holiday's.  It's a critical time for the blood supply every year.  Over the last couple years it's really been a push with all of the pandemic stuff going on and the supply has reached dangerously low levels.  With the shutdowns, the surges and the never ending unknown, even today, blood drives are getting the plug pulled for a multitude of reasons.  If you can find one, and you are a regular blood donor, please, pitch in and do your part.  Not sure of where one is?  Well, good news!

December 30th at St. Paul's Church on 3rd Street in Downtown Muskegon, Carla has organized a blood drive from 12p-5:45.  All of the safety precautions are in place for an event like this.  Distancing, masks, disinfectants etc are plentiful and of course, if you're not feeling well, you are asked to refrain from coming.  If you are feeling good though, get down there and roll up your sleeve.  Carla does this annual drive for a family member who's needed the gift of life through a transfusion and her drive to make sure that only last year was missed.  We pulled Carla away from the family cookie baking to learn a little more.  Take a listen. 

It's a necessity that takes all of us to make happen.  The gift giving season is upon us.  Imagine the gift of life to someone who needs nothing more than what you can help them with for free?  Be it a patient in need of surgery, an auto accident or whatever the reason, we are unique to all species on the planet in our ability to help heal our own with our donation of blood, or an organ or all of our organs upon our passing.  It takes about a half an hour and you can find all the info needed pictured below to schedule a time if need be. 

Remarkably thankful to Carla for her efforts and giving us a chance to celebrate her commitment to all of us by organizing such an event in such a busy time of the year.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from us here at Positively Muskegon.