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Sunday, August 21, 2022

Showers and Laundry for the Homeless of Muskegon - Cindy Nichols Begins Her Quest

 We search for those in Muskegon who make their mind up that if it's going to be, it's up to me.  Well, it's the grit and determination that we're built on....we sustain on and the challenge we all live for.  We have a great system of reliance on each other and we also can innovate ways of getting things off the ground that others won't even try.  It's fair to say however that other ideas pop up in towns and we'll "borrow" them if need be.

Cindy Nichols splits her time between Muskegon and Lansing.  While in Lansing, she's seen a project in action that she really wants to get moving in Muskegon because she sees a need and wants to fill it.  

There's a grass roots program in Lansing going on between organizations that focuses on helping homeless get showers, laundry, clean clothes, a little fellowship and even a crack of joy out of the day.  The Cardboard Prophets the All Washed Up Laundromat and other community organizations collaborate to provide services to those in need in an almost festival atmosphere.  Clean clothes, new clothes provided by area pantries and shelters as well as ways to clean up, food, information and more.  Cindy is currently working with local donors and small pantries to provide DIY laundry kits.  It really requires no more than a plastic tub and a detergent pod for a portable laundry kit, but she really wants to see this idea bloom for a couple of reasons.

One, awareness.  Let those in need of a hand connect with those who can help in a relaxed atmosphere.  Two, inclusion.  Should those who need assistance have to feel like they are less?  Probably not huh?  Three, let others come and be a part to either engage or support.  Who can't spare a roll of quarters to help with some laundry?  Got clothes you don't wear or don't fit anymore?  Here's your spot.  Are you an agency that serves?  What a great new contact to make to pull this all together!

Cindy and I met up at the Coffee Factory to talk about the project and her passion to get it going.  You might remember her friend Mark Poletti who joins us.  Mark was the guy out making pancakes for anyone who was in need at the 7th and Monroe Mini Pantry in the pandemic, in the dead of winter.  It seems that those who like to do good seem to find one another.  Take a listen. 


It's really not that far out of our reach if you think about it.  Cindy's idea will only take a little cooperation and coordination and if there's some buy in from the area clothing pantries and providers that might be able to do hair cuts, quick exams as an outreach, maybe some resource places that could help people seek housing or employment....they are all here....bringing them together for the common good is the next step.  EMAIL CINDY if you'd like to get involved.  Like so many before, it's that spark that begins an idea and those ideas can become things we never knew we couldn't live without.  Good luck Cindy!!  

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