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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Victor Gouveia Benefit Run May 21st


There are some people that come along who's drive is to make the world a better place and that sometimes means taking a role in lives of people that may or may not ever be able to pay them back.  We all know someone like this.  That friend or neighbor that always has the right tool.  Maybe it's the wisdom they possess and manage to share at the most opportune times or, it might be one of those situations where whatever they have going on gets put on pause to get something ironed out for you?  This is the kind of person that friends had in Victor Gouveia.

Victor is described as "that guy".  Always there to lend a hand.  Obsessed with how things work and making them work and helping people get their gadgets running right.  An incredibly talented auto body mechanic and fan of all things Harley and outdoors, Victor's passions were contagious and to those around him that were lucky enough to have him on their side, the friendship was more valuable than the abilities.  There was a deeper side to Victor too. 

Go Fund Me for Victor

Victor took on a role in a young guys life that changed the course of forever.  Not having much of a father figure in his life, Jerrod found a friendship with Victor.  He also took interest in the toys, gadgets and trade that Victor had going on.  Hey, what teen wouldn't be impressed with that kind of knowledge and excitement?  As the relationship grew, Victor saw the kid's excitement to learn autobody and started mentoring him in how it's done.  Only thing is, Jerrod's grades starts to slip a little.  Grades?  Well, do we keep doing what we're doing learning a trade or what?  Victor saw the teachable moment and did some dealing.  If Jerrod wanted to keep learning autobody, getting the grades up to speed was going to have to come first and if that meant working on that was part of it, so be it.  This is the kind of dedication and mentorship the world lacks, and the kind of investment in a young life rarely found.

Victor's time here was cut far too short as you'll hear, his memory, family and friends are establishing a fund to help provide scholarships to area young people for scholarships to learn the skilled trades.  Since Victor was a Harley guy, let's fire up some bikes and get it done!  The ride kicks off in Grand Haven on May 21st and it's gonna be a stellar ride!  As the return back to Grand Haven comes back later in the day, Hiway Bar is the final stop as that was Victor's spot!  It's going to be an awesome day remembering an example set and lives effected.  It will also be a lasting reminder to others of the example set and a way to let the legacy of service, kindness and community carry on. 

Catrina Chambers and Everett Hawkins are two of the organizers of the upcoming event.  We grabbed a few minutes to learn a little more about Victor and the impact he's had, along with the details on his legacy.  Take a listen. 

Takeaway's from this?  It doesn't take much to be "that guy" to someone.  It's a matter of sharing some time and talent.  Who you can have an impact on and the amount of change you can make might not be seen immediately but in the long term, planting a seed doesn't always turn into a tree overnight.  One other thought, being kind goes a long long way for all of us.  While Victor probably never thought twice about what he was doing or why, in his absence those who's lives he touched knew that his legacy should carry on and amplified.  Please be a part of this great event anyway you can.  The bike run event is linked below.

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