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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Muskegon Railroad Historical Society Train Show April 30th 2022


We go back a minute with the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society.  From the first time we met the organization when they were located above the Muskegon Heritage Museum on Western Avenue to today, this small volunteer based organization has not only been a story itself with their move and reimagining of their displays and purpose, but their story of getting it done in the midst of the most unthinkable circumstances speaks volumes of us as a community and how we all take what's important to us and make it happen, one way or another.

We began working with the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society when it was first announced they were moving to their new location in East Muskegon on Marquette where they are today.  It was one of those instances that I almost missed what was there, but got there to see what was and to help share the story a little as the move began.  As the building was found and the work to get it up to speed began, a pandemic hit and slowed things way down.  Everywhere was slowed way down.  It wasn't much of a thrill for anyone.  It wasn't going to be an overnight transformation to begin with but a slowdown of a couple years like this could mean the end for an organization in such transition.  It didn't however.  The people dedicated to the preservation of this essential piece of living history stuck it out, worked when they could and kept it moving ahead ever so slightly. 

MRHS on Facebook

Their annual train show took a hit however.  Congregate events being shut down not only hurt the collectors and enthusiasts of Muskegon's only train show, it's a bit of a fundraiser for the Historical Society too, so that had to be factored in when it comes to funding for the new project.  They stuck it out.  Some very generous help came through the Community Foundation and as the building they will be hosting a grand opening in soon is in the final stages, across the street on April 30th will be the return of their model railroad and hobby expo at Cardinal Elementary!  From 10a-2p those who love the train hobby can enjoy the different vendors and collectors coming in for the show.  There should also be a chance to get a first glance at the MRHS building across the street as the finishing touches are put on.  It's a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the hobby or just see some sights.  It's also a fantastic way to share some history with younger people who might only occasionally see a train up around by us, when if they lived a little further south they'd see just how essential they are to our economy still today.

Michael Wood invited me out to talk about the last couple years for the MRHS and to share some of the thoughts of getting back to business on the expo and finishing off the new home of the MRHS, take a listen. 


A day to share some memories or a day to set into motion some new ones.  Maybe train collecting and building is the hobby that's missing from your family?  Stop out and see the Muskegon Railroad Historical Society and attend their expo on April 30th.  The strength and tenacity of this group to ride out all they have is a direct reflection of all of us in Muskegon.  We find a way.  Thanks to Woody for sparing a few minutes to talk about the work still going on.  

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