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Monday, October 25, 2021

Salvation Army Muskegon Holiday Season 2021


The chill in the air is the first sign.  Summer has come to a close and with Fall in the mid to 3/4th mark, we're all starting to think a little more about the holidays that are rapidly approaching and how we can get it all done and in and what we don't stop and think about all that often is just how fast it's going to be here and gone!  This is why The Salvation Army of Muskegon wants to have a word with you now and they have an amazing theme this year, Hope Marches On!  Which it always does.

It's been a roller coaster for The Salvation Army like any other human need organization.  The need for food, clothing, financial assistance and more came in like a flood and while The Salvation Army has a large and recognizable name, the staff is smaller but mighty and they rely on a lot of volunteers.  Well, if all of the volunteers are at home quarantined, things get backed up kinda quick.  We're very fortunate to live in an area however that's used to knuckling down and getting things done.  The Salvation Army got by in a time of the "most need". 

Salvation Army Muskegon Online
As the 2021 holiday season approaches, the request is out for those who can pitch in to help.  Can you or your organization step up and be bell ringers?  Can you and the family help pack meals to be delivered for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Do you have a little extra jingle in your pocket to spare to help fund all that The Salvation Army of Muskegon does?  Can you help shop for toys to be given to kids on Christmas?  It's a list as long as my arm for you to pick from be it a volunteer opportunity or another way to contribute.  The need is real and the time for you to get involved is NOW!

There are other programs to help as well.  You'll find The Salvation Army Angel Tree about the area in Wal Mart Stores and other locations.  Wal Mart has a special site you can shop from for specific needs and they will go directly to The Salvation Army toy drive!  How's that for some cool use of technology?  You'll find the links to donate to below.

Lorri Dean invited us in to The Salvation Army on Shonat Street in Muskegon to kind of get the ball rolling on what's needed both by way of service and financially.  Take a listen to our talk and see where and what fits with your schedule to help make the holiday season a reality for someone who may otherwise go without.  

A little bit from a lot of us will be all it takes to turn it in the right direction.  We've seen so much incredible good come over the last nearly 2 years and let's be honest...every little good thing you did, it made you feel better for it didn't it?  This is the kind of work as well as the rewards that the Salvation Army sees every day.  If you can do just a little more, dig a little deeper and show just a touch more love, we'll head into a holiday season knowing that the pandemic was a great test for us all, but over all, Muskegon is a giving and good community.  We all have that going for us.

The United Way is helping The Salvation Army coordinate volunteer efforts.  CLICK HERE to visit that site.  

Would you like to participate in the Angel Tree?  CLICK HERE 

Want to shop the Wal Mart Registry for Good?  CLICK HERE

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