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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Wilde and Free - Stacey Huth Sets Out to Help The American Heart Association


One of Muskegon's greatest attributes is our ability to take a tragedy and turn all of what's happened with it into something good for others to help prevent, console, remember or at very least, work toward the betterment of those who might endure the same in the future.  We've see these type of things happen over and over and some of them have lasted for decades, grown to raise millions of dollars for a cause and become staples on all of our lives.  They are miracles that happen right before our eyes.

Sooner of later, all of our lives are touched by some sort of illness.  We've seen that in an amazingly sharp focus over the last year as a pandemic has swept across the land.  Of course, the regular issues we face, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more are all still out there, and due to the goings on with all things viral, some are not being paid that close of attention to.  The medical world is telling everyone that coming in for regular check-up's is still essential and that all safety precautions are being met for routine visits to the Dr.  Make sure you're taking care of yourself, because while this is a tragedy to triumph story, no one really wants to start one up under your name. 

Wilde and Free on Facebook

Tragedy to triumph?  Yes, this story starts off on a sad note.  Stacey Huth lost her dad to heart disease.  He was awful young to have suffered this kind of fate, but his loss was a bit of an inspiration to Stacey who uses creativity as an outlet and in her loss, decided that it would not only help her to spend some time working to heal herself by getting lost in design, but if maybe she took that design to the world, and there was a purpose behind it...well, maybe she'd save someone else the pain of a parent, lost too early.  So, her mindset was to come up with a design which would blend her art and her dad's love of sailing and see what came of it.  This is when Wilde and Free was born.

A bold logo and colorful design are part of the offerings in her sticker line.  They can go anywhere as you'll see on her site.  On your car, on the back of your laptop, maybe on your water bottle.  Anywhere you'd like a splash of color with purpose and a message.  They are perfect.  Then, as the idea grew...along came a hand crafted pottery line. 

 Emboldened with the Wilde and Free logo just like the stickers.  A sticker?  Some pottery?  The idea here is awareness and advocacy.  Say someone comes along and sees that...that's your chance to remind them just how important heart health is and that they outta be making sure that they are getting checked up on....regularly.  So...for a couple bucks to the American Heart Association through Stacey's work...you have a very easy way to strike up a conversation about one of the tougher subjects.

I had a chance to visit with Stacey to learn a little more.  Take a listen.

Like we've seen so many times before out of little old Muskegon, all it takes is the idea that no one should have to endure the same tragedy that someone else did and if we take just a little bit of what we can do and push toward a common goal, we can move mountains.  Will the Wilde and Free idea put an end to heart disease?  Probably not, however, it's Stacey's way of doing something for the greater good and to that, we are happy to help spread the word.  You can visit her website by clicking below. 

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