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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Gavin and Kamden Cross - Making a Difference for Shelter Animals in Muskegon

We all work to try and make a difference for causes that matter to us.  Some work to help others who struggle with long term illness others, work to make sure those who go without have the needs like food clothing and shelter.  As we experience life, we develop friends who think like we do and we develop networks of like minded people who share their beliefs and work toward making a difference.  You gotta start somewhere!

Meet Gavin and Kamden Cross.  Sure, they are students in Mona Shores Middle School but, they are no strangers to working toward a goal of making sure the needs of others are taken care of.  Their mom, Jenny Cross, started the Andy Cross "Whatever it Takes" organization when they were in kindergarten.  It was in memory of their father who was lost to cancer at a very young age and left a hole in the hearts of many.  As Jenny worked to remember and honor his memory, the boys saw first hand the impact that could be made when it comes to making a difference.  They learned well.
Care to Help? The Boys Mom has a Venmo Account You Can Donate To.

Not too long ago, inspiration hit the twins.  They had the idea that if they rolled up their sleeves and got to work they could make a difference for some of the animals in our community.  When you're in middle school, you go with what you know right?  So, the idea was that if they worked to collect things that pets need, like collars and leashes, which mean that the shelter pets are going to be getting their forever home pretty soon....they will head to that home with something new and all theirs and their adoptive families also get to know that there was a little love behind their new family member.

So, what's next?  Of course, you begin with a social media video on mom's Facebook page.  Explain what you have in mind and why and get the process rolling.  Then, the local guy with the blog who likes to show off who's doing amazing things around town gets a look at it and asks if he can help.  A time is arranged, we sit down to have a talk, learn a little bit about what it's like to be a twin...life in middle school and why it's important to help in some way and how they are going about getting things done.  Meet Gavin and Kamden and learn about their "pet project".

Nice to meet some young people who've already got the idea that making a difference is good for the community and god for them.  Yes, they were taught young and that giving spirit continues and of course..there SO many stories of people young and old who try to do their part...large or small for things that matter to them.  They all add up to making Muskegon who we are.  A town of great people who find a way to make sure needs are met and we pass along that sense of community and taking care of all of us to generations to come.  Thanks to Gavin, Kamden and Jenny Cross for coming on to share their story.

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