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Sunday, August 25, 2019

New Mural Going Up on 3rd and Monroe - Meet Artist Jube Rodriguez

The beautification of Muskegon continues everywhere you look.  From the big new buildings gong up to the pride being shown in neighborhoods and in yards, renewal is upon us and for all of us who have weathered the storm, it's a relaunch that feels so incredible.  Pride is bubbling and Muskegon is on the rise!  It's an effort from so many, and from the projects large and small...some of the real eye catchers stand out.

We've got a LOT of artful things popping up to add to the luster!  We saw the addition of the mural on the wall on the Masonic Lodge a year or so ago celebrating the likes of Barak Obama, Fredrick Douglas and more.  We've got historical art detailing Muskegon's industrial eras on Western avenue, more recently some butterfly wings went up on the side of the Frauenthal and now, in Midtown on Third and Monroe, we have a local artist up on the scaffolding working on an inspirational piece for all to admire with a few hidden messages in it to relay to future generations of their limitless possibilities.

We got a call from the building owner, to say that we outta come see what was gong on so, we grabbed the camera and headed down to the Third Street Midtown District.  Third and Monroe to be specific only to be astounded by what we found.  Not only is the building being completely redone on the inside with beautiful, modern and affordable apartments that are some of the coolest you'll find anywhere, the exterior is getting a make over by local artist Jubenal Rodriguez.  "Jube" is a graduate of Kendall College in Grand Rapids and works as a designer in his real job. But in his spare time, he's got the brushes and buckets and he's leaving his mark on the community.

It's a project in part with Community ENcompass and the message is pretty clear.  "Hope Equals Power" and we'll let Jube tell you a little more about the project.  Take a listen!

Pretty awesome.  Pretty inspirational and a great feeling to know that an artist that's right from here in Muskegon who's doing his part to elevate.  Not only elevate, but to beautify and lave a mark that one day he'll be able to go by and say to his kids, or grand kids..."I did that".   Jube is leaving his mark on a building, that is being completely renovated in a neighborhood that was once forgotten but is now growing, reinventing and adding to the amazing change we're all seeing in Muskegon.  It's clearly written on the shirt of the kid in the mural.  "Hope equals power".  The collective hope of all in Muskegon has led to the power of change and the power of positive hope has brought on renewal, and it looks amazing.  Jube asked if we'd link up his Instagram account, so follow the link in the photo below and watch the progress of his amazing career.

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