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Set Sail in Muskegon

Set Sail in Muskegon
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Friday, January 25, 2019

The Sled Wings Play Sunday the 27th at the LC Walker Arena and a Benefit to Happen at the Back Alley Comedy Club Feb 16th

We've been following along with the Grand Rapids Sled Wings for a while now.  After all, we are the original "Hockey Town" on the West side of the state!  The Sled Wings are an adaptive hockey team giving those who use mobility devices a chance to play a game that generally takes the full capacity of an athlete.  Now, this isn't to say that the Sled Wings lack athleticism in any way...in fact, traditional hockey players might even have a hard time keeping up.

The Sled Wings affiliated with Mary Freebed Rehabilitation Hospital and have been around since 2001 and have levels of participation for everyone from mini mites to adults.  They play in sleds as you can assume by the team name that help them navigate the ice, and the play...we'll, it's equally as exciting as any other hockey game and when "regular" hockey players give the sled hockey a try, they gain a new level of respect for the players almost instantly.
For Tickets to the Comedy Benefit Click Here

Like any other hockey program, it takes time, dedication and investment.  It's hard enough to find ice time for any hockey team.  They travel far and wide, all hours of the day to find time to practice and play.  We have a chance to help them out in a couple ways.  First, the Sled Wings will be playing their annual game against the Muskegon Lumberjacks on Sunday January 27th.  The Jacks love this game and the Sled Wings love to compete against the top tier of developmental hockey players in the USA.  Second, you'll get a chance to enjoy some laughter at a night of comedy at The Back Alley Comedy Club on February 16th where there will be a special event held for the Sled Wings.  There will not only be a funny show, but some silent auction items, maybe some raffles and more.  It all goes to help the program and players and families of this great sport!

Today, I met up with Ricarlo Williams Winston who's a great stand up himself and manager of The Back Alley Club and "Hockey Mom" Angela Reynolds who's 15 year old son plays for the Sled Wings.  Her story is one that should be told on it's own...we'll work on that....but for now, learn a little about the upcoming game and the great night of comedy coming up to help out some remarkable athletes.

We're proud to support the Sled Wings and their work to bring the awesome sport of hockey to anyone.  Make sure you check out the game at the LC Walker Arena on Sunday Jan 27th and then head to the Back Alley Comedy Club on Feb 16th for a great night of laughter to help the program along.  To learn more about the Sled Wings, click on their logo below to visit their website.

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