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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Britta Introduces You To Linda Johnson - Heart Transplant Recipient Who Shares Her Story

Positively Muskegon had the great privilege to visit with an amazing woman...Linda Johnson...and learn more about her incredible heart transplant story. 

When I arrived at Linda's beautiful home in East Muskegon I was greeted by Linda's friendly rescued pup....   I knew right away that I was about to meet a very kind, special lady.

Meeting Linda for the first time I would have never guessed in a million years that just 16 months earlier she had received a heart transplant..... Beautiful, healthy lady with an incredible, growing family to live for.   Linda Johnson, a very proud lifelong Muskegon native.... Wife, Mother to three daughters and 4 beautiful grandchildren (and more on the way).

Linda's whole world changed a few years back when she discovered (literally overnight) that she had a very serious, life threatening heart ailment that would eventually require her to receive a heart transplant.    As anyone could imagine....with that sudden news, the fears that would overwhelm a person's life.    Amazingly and bravely she persevered and kept her thoughts positive...having so much to live for.

As several years passed....with her energy level at an all time low...needing sleep all the time...taking many medications....an electrical heart pump placed in her chest to keep her blood flowing electronically, Linda had absolutely no natural heart beat for two years while waiting for a heart donor.

Organs are in very high demand....and the only way most organs can be found is if an individual elects to donate their organs....  Any individual who would like to (in case of an untimely death) donate organs can find information on how to do so at any of the sights listed below.

Linda received the call in August of 2017, that a heart had been found for her.... Her husband Charlie drove her to Spectrum.... She was placed into an induced coma for several days....her surgery took 8-10 hours....and by the grace of God....the excellent medical skill and technology....and continued, constant self monitoring and medication... Linda is a healthy, active survivor.   Linda said that when she awoke to a room full of caring medical staff and her husband...she was able to feel her heartbeat for the first time in years.

If you would like to learn more about organ donation or Linda's incredible story please watch the interview with Linda and please check out the posted sights below.

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