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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Lakeshore Art Festival Downtown Muskegon July 7th and 8th

In case you have not noticed, Muskegon is on a bit of a roll.  Events are picking up steam and the outlook of many has turned to an optimistic viewpoint.  It's taken a while, and there are those yet to be convinced...change never happens over night, but it's also a great thing to have some staples stick around and grow.  Staples like the Lakehsore Art Festival now in it's 55th year!

July 7th-8th Downtown Muskegon once again comes to life, wait...what am I talking about "once again", this summer seems to have been busy non stop with things to do Downtown.  Let's try that again.  July 7th-8th Downtown Muskegon continues to surge with the Lakeshore Art Festival.  Boasting 300+ booths with a very unique blend of arts, crafts, food, brews, wines, interactive elements, kids activities, family participation, street performers and more.  Hackley Park is the center point but the sprawl covers most of Downtown up to almost the Muskegon Farmers Market.  If you're looking for fine art, they will have plenty.  If you are in the market for something for the cottage that will make it feel a little more like the weekend get away spot, they have that too.  Maybe your kids want to get in and get involved and this time it doesn't involve finger paint and your carpet....hey....that's the time to get them in to art.  You can even take time to be part of "Chalk the Walk" where all you have to do is grab the chalk provided and leave your artistic impression right there for the world to see.
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This really is an event for everyone.  If the "artsy" stuff isn't your thing, there is plenty of music and food and if you're not in to music and artisan food...we've got plenty of establishments that would be happy to have you pop in and have a cold one while the rest of your party shops and walks around.  If you've not been Downtown Muskegon in a while, now's the time to come see what's going on and how the atmosphere has changed.  If you are a frequent "Downtowner" come on out and show the visitors a good time.  The more events like the Lakeshore Art Festival Succeed the more will come...and I don't know anyone who's not excited about seeing more happening in Muskegon.

Carla Flanders is with the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce who organizes the event,  We had a really nice video done at Hackley Park, but some dummy ran out of room on his video we met up again at the Chamber office and had a chat about all things Lakeshore Art Festival.  Take a listen to the details below.

It's a great time to be in Muskegon!  Our idea to Watch Us Go is getting some legs under it and it's up to us to own it!  Be part of what's going on and be a part of the future.  Your presence is all that's really requested, but if in the meantime you find yourself in need of a beer, soft drink, elephant ear or maybe some new decor for the home, the Lakeshore Art Festival is for you.  You can link right over to their site by clicking on the photo below and we'll plan on seeing you Downtown Muskegon July 7th and 8th!

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