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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Muskegon's Rockstock - Carrying on The Unstoppable Summer in Muskegon July 3rd and 4th

We've been evolving in Muskegon for a while, and evolving means change.  Change...well that means some things come and some things go and that means what was may have been great but what is....well what is gets to grow and carry on.   It's happening in more than one spot and it's being embraced a little more all the time.  It's on all of us to help those who keep digging to make things happen....

One of the events that's carrying the torch of a good time for everyone, is Rockstock in Muskegon.  I remember years ago, Brandon Baskin came into the radio station to tell me about his idea.  Some local bands playing in Hackley Park in an atmosphere that wasn't a bar, late at night and it was an open atmosphere where younger fans could come out and enjoy the show.  He was planting the seeds to get things going.  At the time, we still had Summer Celebration and everyone enjoyed that, but as time marched on and the cost of entertainment and infrastructure ran Summer Cel out, the first few baby steps of Rockstock led to an opportunity to grow a little and make the jump to the bigger stage.

Muskegon Rockstock on Facebook
A new location, Heritage Landing,  and new approach, tribute bands, to the 4th of July party seem to have worked.  Keep the ticket cost low, $5 bucks, keep the music familiar, keep the fireworks and slowly add things for a bigger crowd.  We've still got our community get together with plenty of suds..songs and bag chairs.  After all, it's a community event let's be a community.

Rockstock will be happening July 3rd and 4th this year.  You'll hear the musical tributes of Echoes of Pink Floyd,  Crazy Babies - Ozzy Rebourne, Let There Be Rock - AC/DC Tribute and more! They are adding Kidstock with the help of Kangaroo Palace, an area dedicated to kids fun and play with tons of energy burning activities.  It will all be capped off on July 4th with the beautiful fireworks out over Muskegon Lake.  We'll celebrate as one.  It will feel good.

I had a chance to catch up with Brandon, we used Heritage Landing as the back drop, take a litsen below.

The moral of this story is....we don't give up.  Muskegon is filled with great people like Brandon and his staff who keep swinging.  If there is a will there is a way.  Find a new canvass and start painting on it and in time, your vision will grow.  The idea of "Muskegon just lost another" whatever is the old way of, it's "How can we find the next amazing thing".  What I saw in Brandon way back when was a kid showing off some bands...what he became is a visionary leader ready to learn, adapt and grow and continue to find ways to provide for Muskegon.  Make sure you head out to Rockstock and enjoy some fun Downtown Muskegon over the 4th holiday.  We'll see you there!  For more info, click on the Rockstock logo below.

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  1. Another great event in our own backyard. Way to go Brandon and Andy O for getting the word out.

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