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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

First Fridays Downtown Muskegon - Safe Kids Day May 5th With Mercy Health

Last year, it all got underway Downtown Muskegon with a brand new event that was designed to be family friendly, interactive and for the most  The idea of First Fridays came about and with the first couple of events it was pretty clear to see that Muskegon was more than ready to embrace something new, unique and DOWNTOWN.

Safe Kids Day on Facebook

Social media exploded.  There were pictures of disbelief as to how many people from near and far were out to stroll the streets, see things from performance art to monster trucks and experience the rejuvenation of our "Main Street" called Western Avenue.  First Fridays come on with an exclamation point and as we're looking into the future...2017 will see the event grow and the crowds that follow, it will all add to how we see our city, and other see it too!  It's very much a step in the right direction.

As the events kick off this Summer, May 5th from 6p-8p at the Muskegon Farmers Market you'll find Safe Kids Day.  It's an opportunity for kids and parents learn a little more about some areas of childhood safety you may not otherwise stop and think about.  Water safety, fire safety, pedestrian safety, automotive safety, medicines even safety around such common household items as laundry soap.  See?  I told you that you didn't thing about them all!  All of those will be featured, along with so much more.  It's probably a good time too to bring kids around some first responders.  Often the only time kids are exposed to public safety officials is in a very stressful situation.  They should know that they are there to protect them too.

I was able to catch up with Megan Jones, who's new to Downtown Muskegon and Holly Alway from Mercy Health to talk about the features of this great event and to offer you a warm welcome to come down on May 5th with your kids to enjoy!

It's a great Summer coming up!  First Fridays are designed to bring us all together with a fun theme to be the ice breaker, but's about people getting out of the house, off the computer and seeing fist hand just how great things are moving along.  Catch up with some old friends..make some new ones and let the feeling of pride swell inside you!  We've taken some bold steps here in Muskegon and there is Much to be proud of!  Enjoy First Fridays Safe Kids on May 5th, then plan on coming back down over the course of the summer for more great events!! For the full schedule of events, click on the First Fridays.

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