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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Best Financial Credit Union 2017 Giveback in Muskegon

It started off like anything else.  I am sitting there on Facebook one afternoon and I see someone shared a link for one of my favorite non profits in the area, so I was right there to share it immediately and tell everyone to vote for it!  Then....I looked at the entire program...and as it turns out....I know pretty much all of the non profits in the running....and now I look like I am playing favorites!

What to do?!?

Using my keen intellect and "razor sharp" reporting skills, I thought "Hey...let's get a hold of the folks at Best Financial Credit Union".  Brilliant right?
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This is the 6 year that Best Financial Credit Union has done the Community Giveback for its members and the 1st year it's been open to include the community.  It's a chance for you to have an active role in helping decide who the winners are.  Best Financial Credit Union is give away 3 $5000 prizes this year!  Remaining engaged in the community is paramount to Best Financial Credit Union and what better way to do that than highlight some pretty remarkable local organizations and ask them in return to help spread the word about Best Financial Credit Union through their social media channels?

This year, No More Sidelines, The People Center, The Disability Network, Sacred Suds, The Central Park Players, Wings Of Mercy, Muskegon Pathfinders, Meals on Wheels/ Agewell Services, Boys and Girls Club and Heaven Can Wait/ Puppy's Breath animal shelters are the contenders.  All with huge roles in our community and all deserving of the award.  I am glad I don't have to do more than vote once a day for my favorites!

I headed out to Best Financial Credit Union at the invitation of Emily Dykstra who's the Marketing Coordinator and we were joined by Business Services Manager Jason Sells and CEO Morgan Rescorla to learn a little more about the online event and the credit union itself.  Take a listen to our chat below.

It's a powerful thing this social media.  I applaud Best Financial Credit Union for the amazing use of their assets to not only make social media work for them and their chosen organizations, but to expose them on a much broader spectrum.  An event like this is very high visibility for non profits that often can't afford the exposure.  If you add in the possibility of a $5000 pay day for 3 of the chosen's a picture perfect promotion.  Something we all need more of!  Click on the image below to visit the Best Financial Credit Union website and vote!!

Vote for Your Favorite Nonprofit 

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