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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Your Teeth! Let's Talk About a Chance to Get Them Taken Care Of At Community Dental Day Feb 11th

In a world where insurance is expensive and budgets have to be met, it's all too often the case that dental needs are some of the first to be sacrificed when it comes to making ends meet.  It's a tough decision to say the least...but...there's a resource for you if you need a hand and wonder if you might need a little more dental attention.

Community Dental Day will be held at The Lakes Mall on February 11th from 10a-2p!

Muskegon Volunteer Dental on Facebook

What better time than the dead of Winter in Muskegon go get out and take a breather from cabin fever and stroll The Lakes Mall with a purpose?  You can learn about different aspects of oral and dental care.  You'll find oral health screenings, how tobacco effects your oral health, the impact of diabetes or a pregnancy have and you can learn how cavities are formed.  There will be demonstrations on proper care of teeth and dentures, a fluoride varnish for adults and kids and some pretty cool giveaways.  Everyone who comes gets a free toothbrush and toothpaste!

This event is being put on by several organizations that see the need for better oral care in Muskegon. Groups like Muskegon Volunteer for Dental Care, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, The Muskegon District Dental Society, The Michigan Dental Association and the Muskegon oral health Coalition!  That's a lot of interested parties that are coming together to offer you everything we talked about.... FREE!  Rumor is that you may get a once in a lifetime glimpse at the Tooth Fairy as well!

Lindsay Bowen is the new Community Outreach for Muskegon Volunteer for Dental Care and Suzanne Tanis joined us.  If you're not familiar with their work, if you offer to pitch in around town, they will find you a dentist to take care of your teeth.  We live in a community of good people who go above and beyond to take care of each other.   Take a listen to our talk about the event and the opportunities you'll have to get a quick check of your choppers!

Your teeth are not only your first impression in many cases, they are also a key indicator to your over all health!  It is possible to make your teeth last a life time and no matter where you stand with income, or insurance, you should take advantage of the chance to be a part of the Community Dental Day Feb 11th.  You've got plenty of time to set aside an hour or so between now than don't miss it!

Community Dental Day on Facebook

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