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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Michigan State Rep Terry Sabo Talks About Muskegon Heights Schools

In the past week, the news came out of Lansing that a number of schools in Michigan are facing closure due to not performing at the recommended levels.  One of the schools on that list is Muskegon Heights.

Needless to say, the news was met with a great deal of anger, confusion and upset followed within the Muskegon area, and espcially the Heights itself.

As we have watched over the last year or two, Muskegon Heights is a community on the move.  There is a new mindset among the residents, local government and the school to bring back the "normal" as Mayor Kim Simms has been quoted as saying.  Normal means that the neighborhood is safe, kids have the chance to be educated and that just a little action within the people starts the ball rolling.  It's going in the right direction and in as much as it took things a while to get to that turning point, it's not going to be "fixed" over night.

At the local level we can all see it happening.  However, there are some laws in place in the state that only look at one line, performance.  The Governor released this statement about closures, and more than one legislator said "Wait just a second".  One of them being Terry Sabo.

A long time part of the Muskegon Heights police and fire department, Terry knows first hand the strides that have been made and the direction the Heights is heading.  He drafted a sternly worded letter to the Governor, which might be a little forward for someone new to the world of politics in Lansing, but like anything Terry's done, he jumped in head first to stand up for the schools.  There is SO much Tiger Pride here that we've got to do all we can to make sure the community's identity doesn't take yet another blow from afar.  Take a listen to out talk about his letter.

My mindset is this.  We, meaning all of Muskegon, are stronger as one.  If one of our neighborhoods needs a little attention...they deserve it.  As I said in the interview, I don't profess to know everything about the Heights, or any other locality really, but I have been lucky enough to cover some things going on there...and the more I learn about things...the more the idea of a "City of Friendly People" comes thru.  To know that the people in Muskegon Heights are stirred about the closure idea is good, there is a rich heritage to protect.   To know that the brakes were hit by Terry Sabo as soon as he heard the news about the possible closure...tells me we elected the right man for the job.  You can read his letter to Governor Snyder below.

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  1. In the song i wrote 4 years ago the school in the song was your school that was sold for $4.00 everything in the song is true look it up on youtube. the snyder tune

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