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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Men's Health Fair This Saturday At Muskegon High School 9a-1p

Men....we're invincible right?  Most of us see a problem and think..."Ok, either it goes away in a few days....or I'll be dead."  Well, not so fast.  You are pretty important and making sure your health is in good shape...that's important too.    You may be able to see the easy stuff, but there are so many underlying issues that need to be addressed too to make sure that you're around a while to take care of the people in your life.

Thing is, it's not always easy to get to the doctor and for a LOT of people sadly, getting to the doctor only comes when there is an emergency because there are bills to pay and insurance is often slight of coverage. You can easily see a problem with your skin..if your vision starts to find out soon enough....tooth're on your way to the dentist but what about the "silent problems"?

Been checked for diabetes lately?  How about a blood test?  Is your breathing OK?  How's the blood pressure?  There are so many underlying things that need to be checked but as guys...we go back the mindset of "Blah....I'll be ok".  Bad idea.

Saturday January 7th is your chance to get the quick check up you need to know if there is something more that needs to be addressed.  Not only can you get the screenings you need to know if there might be something more that needs to be addressed you'll get a free ticket to the Muskegon Basketball Showcase event later that day if you're among the first 100 to stop into the health fair.  Yes...they are offering an "incentive" to get you there and get you checked out!

This is one of the annual health focused events brought to you by The Health Project, is also sponsored by by Mercy Health, Muskegon Family Care, The Walmart Vision Center, The Theta Nu Chapter and V100 here in town.  I was able to catch up with Mimi Rankin and Ivory Morris who's part of the whole event.  Take a listen to our chat below for more details!

To steal a line form someone way more famous than me.... "Here's your sign".  Get in there and get checked out.  The procedures are simple, the problems are treatable and YOU are irreplaceable.  Simple screenings, honest answers and a free ticket to see some hoops!  Muskegon High School is where to be starting at 9am Saturday January 7th.  It's a brand new year, start it off knowing that you took the time to take care of yourself!

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  1. I have always wanted to check out the Men's Health Fair in Muskegon. Thanks for sharing, bookmarked and looking forward to attending one day!