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Monday, January 23, 2017

Getty Street Grill in Muskegon Wins the Celebrated Service Award From Celebration Cinema

It's been a while since they made the announcement, but I was finally able to catch up with Ron Viehl who runs the Getty Street Grill in Muskegon with his wife Collin to find out a little about what he thinks it takes to win such a prestigious award.

If you're from Muskegon, chances are you probably already know, but if you're new to the area, or just looking or a place to try, listen up.

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As Muskegon continues to evolve, new areas continue to emerge for "ideal business locations" but even though parts of Getty Street are not the "hip place to be" business continues to thrive for the Getty Street Grill.  In fact, in the time the Viehl's have owned the small family restaurant, they have been able to buck the trend and actually grow year after year thanks to their commitment to customers, employees and the community.

It's a small, family's an atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable and...and atmosphere where everyone knows the regulars name, you're greeted 3 or 4 times when you walk in and if you find yourself with a couple minute wait at a peak time, you might even be treated to coffee in line.  It's just the way they do business.  Their wait staff has been there for the 18 years that the Viehl's have run the place.  That alone should tell you something.  The food is delicious, the portions are great and the simple and relaxing atmosphere let you know you're truly in a special spot.  One of those places that all the locals know, but "try to keep the tourists" from hearing about. :)

I got to the Getty Street Grill hungry...because why wouldn't you show up hungry for an interview.  Take a listen to my chat with Ron about the Getty Street Grill.

Great family, running a great business in Muskegon and something the owners and staff have much to be proud about.  The longevity of the staff, the quality of the food and above all, the commitment to making sure every customer is treated like family.  The Getty Street Grill was in the running for the award for a while, and thanks to their customers and Celebration Cinema, they have been recognized as they should be!  Our congrats to the Viehl family and everyone at the Getty Street Grill!  To learn who else was nominated in Muskegon for 2017, click on the Celebrated Service Award picture below!

Celebrated Service in Muskegon

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